United Way

  • $4.15 per month would pay for a family who loses their home to a fire or disaster to stay in a hotel for one night.
  • $8.50 a month would allow a child to attend one month in an after-school program.
  • $8.50 a month pays for up to four hours of individual or family counseling for a person receiving treatment for substance abuse.
  • $9 per month provides a visit to the doctor for a family of four.
  • $25 per month allows an emergency shelter to provide one week of food, shelter, case management and support services.

Black United Fund

  • $10 per month will provide an elementary school classroom with pencils, glue sticks and crayons.
  • $15 per month feeds a family of three in crisis for five days.
  • $25 a month will provide 15 teachers an in-service workshop to help them use Taiko (Japanese drumming) to teach about other cultures and the values of tolerance, perseverance, and respect.
  • $100 per month will provide two meals a day for eight low-income children, for an entire month.

Children’s Trust Fund of Oregon

  • $25 per month provides Parenting Education for one parent for one week.
  • $52 per month provides pre-Kindergarten readiness classes for a week.
  • $150 per month operates a 24-hour family crisis hotline for one week.

Community Health Charities

  • $2 per month provides one unit of a cryoprecipitate blood transfusion for a woman suffering from a rare blood disorder.
  • $4 per month will purchase a session of speech language pathology service to help restore a stroke survivor’s ability to communicate independently.
  • $16 per month covers the cost for a spinal tap, including physician’s fee.
  • $20 per month provides diabetes risk tests to 500 individuals.
  • $50 per month provides one day of chemotherapy for a young adult with leukemia.

Habitat for Humanity of Oregon

  • $21 per month buys a brand-new front door in a house for a low-income family.
  • $184 per month would put an entire roof on a new Habitat house.

Earth Share of Oregon

  • $5 a month allows a teen from the 6th –12th grade to participate in a Youth Garden Project’s Summer Service program (teaches community service, learning, skills training, and team building in the garden).
  • $8.50 a month would pay the cost of a two-night education program for one student in the Opal Creek Wilderness a pristine ancient forest.
  • $12 a month would purchase one large street tree (1-3/4 inches in diameter, 8-16 feet in height) for volunteers to plant.
  • $12.50 a month will cover the full cost of a free workshop to teach homeowners the Basics of Solar Power.

Equity Foundation

  • $2.50 per month provides an organization with an adoption training tool for children, parents and families of all sexual orientations and backgrounds.
  • $10 per month pays for a year’s outreach services to make Oregon's schools safe and free from discrimination for all people.
  • $17 per month would save lives, allowing an organization to purchase 100 HIV testing kits.

Local Independent Charities

  • $3 a month will spay or neuter for a new pet prior to adoption.
  • $6.25 a month covers the cost of a dental clinic visit for a low-income child or adult