The Bias Response Team is responsible for applying the Reported Bias Incident Response Protocol. Bias Response Team members include key campus stakeholders. Current members of the Bias Response Team include:

  • Teresita Alvarez-Cortez, University Housing and Dining Services
  • Allison Davis-White Eyes, Diversity and Cultural Engagement
  • Nicole Hindes, Human Services Resource Center
  • Chris Lenn, Office of Equal Opportunity and Access
  • Kim Kirkland, Office of Equal Opportunity and Access
  • Scott Vignos, Office of Institutional Diversity
  • Ismail Warsame, Division of International Programs

The Bias Response Team communicates and meets regularly to respond to bias incidents as they are reported.

In addition to the core Bias Response Team members, content area experts and campus partners are consulted on a regular basis to provide input and collaboratively develop and implement bias incident responses.