The mission of the Office of Institutional Diversity is to design, plan, lead, and implement, in collaboration with university partners, institutional change actions, initiatives, and communications to advance diversity, equity, and inclusion throughout all facets of Oregon State University. The work of the office advances more rapid progress toward Oregon State’s highest aspirations for social justice within the university community.

Social Justice Framework

The Office of Institutional Diversity conducts its work through a social justice framework. A social justice framework is a method to organize not only the work we do to increase diversity, inclusion, and equity at Oregon State University, but also how we do the work.

A social justice framework employs the following guiding principles:

  • Focuses on institutional structural issues
  • Resists unfairness and inequity
  • Pays attention to how people, policies, practices, and every part of the organization can collaborate
  • Recognizes the importance and impact of historical and institutionalized social categories including race, class, gender, ability, and others
  • Actively addresses dynamics of bias, oppression, and privilege

The Office of Institutional Diversity will advance its work utilizing a social justice framework by:

  • Raising awareness
  • Working to identify the root causes for injustice
  • Creating capacity
  • Building networks and partnerships
  • Influencing decision-making across the institution
  • Monitoring and regularly reporting outcomes

Importantly, a social justice framework emphasizes that every member of the university plays a key role in advancing the goals of diversity, equity, and inclusion.

History the Office

On December 7, 2015, President Ed Ray announced the hiring of a Chief Diversity Officer and the creation of the Office of Institutional Diversity to intensify the focus on attaining goals related to diversity, equity, inclusion, and social justice at Oregon State University. In June 2017, Oregon State University welcomed Charlene Alexander into this role. Charlene, along with the Office of Institutional Diversity staff, will oversee institutional change actions, initiatives, and communications on these vital issues throughout all facets of the University. This focus on institutional change will help advance Oregon State University to be a community characterized in all it does by inclusive excellence.

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