Guidelines for Including Gender Equity in Diversity Action Plans

The PCOSW Guidelines are intended to provide clarity to the colleges and administrative units in the ongoing development of their Diversity Action Plans. Gender equity ideas suggested in this PowerPoint will address the concerns detailed in the 2004 Parity for Women Report.

For further information about how gender related concerns can be addressed within departments, colleges and other administrative units, please contact a member of the President’s Commission on the Status of Women Strategic Planning Committee.

PCOSW Guidelines PowerPoint Presentation

Campus Inclusivity Survey

Oregon State University piloted and distributed the Campus Inclusivity Survey during April and May of 2015. Students (undergraduate, international, graduate) as well as representatives from various academic departments, the graduate school, and several student affairs departments worked together to create a survey, which will inform OSU's understanding of inclusivity on campus. 

Advancing Careers

2012 workshop and presentation on advancing women's careers via mentoring and sponsorship: A review of the "take-home" messages by OSU's Barb Bond, Director of Post-Doctoral Programs in the Graduate School.

University Ombuds Office

Waldo 113
Oregon State University

PCOSW helped in the establishment of Oregon State University's Ombuds Office, which promotes a civil and inclusive campus community by providing informal, impartial, and confidential conflict management services to all members of the university community.  The Ombuds assists with individual concerns through service and education, and serves as a change agent to address group conflict and systemic concerns. It is the goal of the Ombuds to foster a culture of healthy, safe and open dialogue, and facilitate cooperative problem resolution.

If you contact this office to address a specific conflict, the Ombuds will listen to your concerns, value diverse perspectives, help you explore options for resolution, provide facilitation or mediation services when appropriate, and remain impartial to all parties involved.   The University Ombuds Office provides a safe place to share your concerns.

The Office of Equity and Inclusion

The former Affirmative Action Office is now called the Office of Equity and Inclusion.  It handles informal and formal complaints of discrimination and sexual harassment, Women and Gender Equity concerns and issues previously addressed in the Office of Community and Diversity. 


ASOSU Legal Advocate

The office of legal advocacy provides legal advice and representation to OSU students when they have a dispute with the University or its administrative units. 
340 SEC
Appointments: 737-4165

ASOSU Queer Affairs

The ASOSU Queer Affairs Task Force Director, Angi Baxter, is available for LGBTT education and advocacy. 
Phone: 503-710-599

ASOSU Saferide

Saferide is a task force of women and men dedicated to raising awareness about rape on campus. Free transportation is provided in the evenings to women and men on and off campus. Saferide also sponsors Rape Awareness Week and provides speakers and programs during Spring Term. 
108 SEC 
Phone: 737-5000 

ASOSU Student Advocate

ASOSU Student Advocate creates leadership education opportunities for students and works as a student and community organizer on projects through ASOSU. 
Phone: 737-2101

ASOSU Women's Affairs

The ASOSU Women's Affairs Task Force is made up of women and men working to promote concerns and interests of women. It sponsors events, speakers, workshops, and film on women's issues. 
Sarah Ballini, Director, 737-9147


Oregon State University understands that you have many facets to your life, including personal, professional and academic demands. This website offers information and resources to assist you in balancing the daily demands and opportunities of your life, whether you are a student, faculty or staff member. 
Office of Human Resources: 737-8302 

The OSU Association of Office Professionals


The OSU Association of Office Professionals (AOP) exists to foster awareness, excellence, and professionalism in the ranks of office personnel. 
For more information contact: 
Terri Cook, Co-President, 737-9189 
Vickie Nunnemaker, Co-President,737-4344

The Rainbow Continuum

Rainbow Continuum is an organization whose purpose is to provide support and information to gay, lesbian, bisexual, and transgender students, faculty, staff and peers. 

Sexual Assault Support Services


Sexual Assault Support Services (SASS) offers support for student survivors of sexual assault, sexual abuse, relationship violence, sexual harassment, stalking, and unwanted sexual contact. Confidential services available include telephone or in-person support, advocacy, ongoing counseling, and support groups. SASS also offers consultation to faculty, staff, and students interested in providing support to survivors, and works cooperatively with community and university agencies who serve survivors. In addition, SASS offers educational programming concerning sexual violence, and provides training for individuals and groups involved in sexual assault response and education. 
SASS helpline: 737-2131

Violence Prevention

The SVP&E Program offers educational programming concerning sexual violence, and provides training for individuals and groups involved in sexual assault response and education. Phone: 541-737-7880


Student Health Services


Student Health Services delivers services to students with the following tenet in mind: new and more complex contemporary women's health issues require individually tailored medical care designed to empower women in meeting their medical needs. 
Phone: 737-9355

The Women's Center

The OSU Women's Center provides resources, programs, services and opportunities for activism and involvement that assist in improving the status of women. The Women's Center has provided programs and support for and about women for over 30 years. Hours are 10:00 am to 7:00pm, Monday through Thursday and 10:00am to 5:00pm Friday. 
Phone: 737-3186

Women and Minorities in Engineering


Historically, young women and minorities have not been encouraged to pursue careers in engineering, yet engineering can be extremely fulfilling and rewarding. We're committed to bringing more woman and minorities to OSU to become tomorrow's engineers through our three pronged approach of Recruitment, Retention and Research.