To the OSU Community:

I am pleased to share my 2007-2008 Annual Report with you. As you may know, this is the fourth year that the colleges and divisions at Oregon State University have provided annual reports to me, and in turn, I have provided an annual report to the campus community. The report provides a summary of outcomes on some key institutional metrics, a review of our 2007-2008 agenda for each of the three major goals from our Strategic Plan, and the agenda for the 2008-2009 academic year.

I have also included links to some accompanying reports and resources, including:

As noted in my report, and in the accompanying college and administrative reports, there is much for us to celebrate as we look back over the 2007-2008 academic year. And, there is much to be done during this current academic year. We will continue or begin to work in some key areas, including: continuing redirection of base budget funds to Liberal Arts, Science, Business, and Health and Human Sciences; continuing implementation of faculty salary compensation package; renovating university classroom and research facilities; implementing targeted activities for improving student engagement and success; continuing with the business re-engineering process; better aligning the community and diversity agenda across the University; completing strategic plans for the OSU-Cascades Campus and the Division of Outreach and Engagement; and continuing development of OSU's role in the Portland Initiative of the State Board of Higher Education and other state-level signature programs.

In addition, I would like to highlight the following targeted initiatives for 2008-2009:

  • University's Strategic Plan: The University's strategic plan was adopted in 2004 and included goals for 2008. Building upon an assessment of progress made towards those goals, we will define the next phase of the strategic planning process, including key opportunities that arise for OSU to distinguish itself as a lead land-grant university and goals and associated metrics and targets we should aim for by 2013.
  • INTO OSU: Ensure that the INTO OSU partnership is successfully launched, fully develop the pathway programs and student services model for this partnership, and define and formalize the budget model for revenue distribution within the University for students transitioning into OSU degree programs after the pathway year.
  • Integrated Marketing and Communications Plan: Complete the development of the University's integrated marketing communications plan and expedite its implementation.
  • Capital Campaign: Coming off an extremely successful fundraising year, we would like to ensure that we maximize OSU fundraising potential in the open phase of the capital campaign, launch the scholarship initiative to complete the $100 million scholarship goal by the end of the 2009 calendar year, and complete fundraising for renovating the American Indian Longhouse.
  • NCAA Review: The NCAA review of OSU's Athletics Department is underway, with the self-study due in spring 2009 and a site visit scheduled for the following fall.

I look forward to working with you to continue to move our 2008-2009 agenda forward.

Best wishes,

Sabah Randhawa
Provost and Executive Vice President