Provost’s Purchase Award

The 2016 Provost's Purchase Award winner is Kaitlyn Carr for her collage series entitled Navigating Race and Ethnicity.


Navigating Race and Ethnicity

"How are identities constructed?  What role does race and ethnicity play in one’s identity?  What does it mean to be in an interracial relationship in contemporary society?

The very notion of a couple is the coming together of two people. A partnership can expand and simultaneously lessen one’s individuality. I’m interested in the fusion of identification that can arise. Half narrative and half inquisitive, Navigating Race and Ethnicity is rooted in the hybrid.

As a white American engaged to a Kenyan-American, I navigate race and ethnicity and its affiliation to identity. What does it mean to be a white woman marrying a black man and vice versa? What problems are we faced with as a couple?

The collages depict daily life with my partner. Using somewhat elementary materials to portray mundane interactions exposes simplicity in a loaded subject. Navigating two races and two cultures is both enlightening and frustrating. Serving as windows, these works give a glimpse into my partner’s and my shared experiences." - Kaitlyn Carr

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