CORE Initiative

"Data is a strategic asset of the University, but only to the extent that it is available, true and actionable."

Lois Brooks, Vice Provost for Information Services

Current business intelligence tools no longer meet the evolving business needs of the University. The Cooperative Open Reporting Environment (CORE) Initiative establishes a new way of working at OSU by guiding the development of a university-wide reporting environment that supports the University strategic plan and operations.

Ultimately, the CORE team shall ensure that our community has access to consistent, timely data for analysis and reporting. Meanwhile, the existing Data Warehouse solution will continue to be supported for the next several years until the transition is complete.

Scope of CORE Initiative

  • Develop a University-wide reporting environment.
  • Develop Key Performance Indicators (KPI's), performance metrics, reports and dashboards necessary to support data driven decision making.
  • Provide the University Community user-centered reporting tools, open access to the data necessary to conduct business, informational reports and dashboards.

CORE Presentation

Learn what CORE is all about in this 20 minute video. CORE Initiative co-chairs Becky Warner and Lois Brooks explain the purpose of the CORE Project (5 mins) and Michael Hansen delivers a presentation that illustrates the issues discusses the planned solutions in more depth (15 minutes).

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