Will BI Query go away?

BI Query and the existing data warehouse will remain operational for a period of time after we begin implementing ODS and our reporting tool. We anticipate BI Query will remain until approximately April 2015.

Will the Data Warehouse go away?

The existing data warehouse will continue to be refreshed and operational for a period of time after we begin implementing ODS and our reporting tool. No further changes will be made to it. We anticipate the data warehouse to remain until approximately April 2015.

Can my existing queries and reports be transferred to the new tools?

Unfortunately, no. ODS and our reporting tool have a different structure and naming convention than the existing data warehouse. Therefore, all your existing queries and reports will have to be recreated. The BIC will redo the existing data warehouse admin reports.

How often will the data be refreshed in ODS?

ODS will be refreshed nightly, as is the current data warehouse. If you need 'real time' reports, you must continue to use AppWorx to report against Banner.

Will our reporting tool replace AppWorx?

Our reporting tool will replace BI Query. AppWorx will continue to be used to report against the Banner tables. 'Real time' reports will need to use AppWorx against the Banner tables.

Will my access change? Will I have less access to data?

With the implementation of the new tools and system, security is being reviewed. As part of this project, we are trying to broaden security so people have more access to data to do their jobs. CORE is a cooperative, open reporting environment and we are striving to meet that goal.

Will we be able to create our own queries? Will we be able to review/tweak existing queries, add parameters, etc? Will we be able to save or transfer queries?

You will not be able to make changes to the uReports offered through CORE. These are standardized reports for the university. However, if you have access to the new ad hoc query tool, you will be able to create your own queries, tweak as needed and save there. If you develop a report in the ad hoc tool that you would like shared with your department / college or the university, we can make it available in the CORE uReports.

Can I export the reports / data? Can I import the data to other programs, such as MS Access?

CORE uReports can be exported to Excel, CSV, or PDF. With a CSV file, you can import the data to other programs. With Excel or CSV files, you can resort, delete columns, and make other changes as you need.

Where is the data in CORE coming from? What will be added?

The data currently in CORE is from Banner, transformed into the ODS. ODS is an Ellucian product that pulls the data into a slightly different table structure and denormalizes the data for ease of reporting. Some of the data is transformed as it is added to ODS.

We will be adding additional data from other systems as we progress. The list includes Cayuse, Degreeworks, Housing, Salesforce, and a number of other systems. This data will be made available in the CORE data warehouse for users to access through the ad hoc query tool.

The CORE team is creating a new CORE data warehouse (DW) for use by the ad hoc query tool for reporting. This will be an optimized database with tables pre-joined and indexed appropriately for reporting.

Will current, past, all-term (as in the current student data warehouse) be eliminated?

CORE reports and the new CORE DW will not segregate data by current, past, future terms for Student data. All the data will be available for reporting without having to use different tables or queries. The uReports allows the user to pick any academic year and term. The CORE DW will be the same, so ad hoc query users can select any academic year and term.