CORE is following an iterative development process, which includes input and support from the user community, data providers, and technical support providers. Their feedback will influence ongoing development of policies, processes, tools, and reports.

CORE RFP Process

OSU followed a defined, formal RFP process to choose a reporting solution. Details are available at the CORE RFP Process PDF.

Project Timeline

2012 – early 2013

  • Technical training held for IT staff
  • Installation of ODS & Cognos in Dev environment
  • Student Functional training and Financial Aid Functional training held
  • Security model developed and proposed to steering committee
  • Report inventories begun

April 1, 2013

  • CORE Business Intelligence Center group formed

April 2013

  • Survey sent to all BI Query users
  • RFI issued for BI Solution to investigate other tool options
  • Finance Functional training held

May 2013

  • Sessions with John Rome, Arizona State regarding Business Intelligence held
  • Begin report development based on survey results prioritization
  • RFI Evaluation

June 2013

  • RFI Evaluation

July 2013

  • Issue RFP for a new reporting solution

Oct. 2013

  • Announced award for new BI reporting tool
  • Developed and implemented new security model

Nov 2013

  • Finalized contract with reporting tool vendor
  • Developed approximately 100 reports for beta testing
    • HR, Finance, Payroll data stewards complete review of initial reports
    • Student data stewards report review continues

December 2013

  • Begin beta release of CORE reporting site
  • Initiate EDW / RAP / SRP implementation

January 2014

  • Begin Jaspersoft reporting tool implementation

February 2014

  • Begin build of Jaspersoft domains for report developers

April 2014

  • Release of CORE reporting site
  • Release RAP reports

May 2014

  • Begin release of Jaspersoft reporting tool to initial report developers in Finance area

June 2014

  • Release of Jaspersoft reporting tool to initial report developers in HR area

Aug/Sept 2014

  • Release of Jaspersoft reporting tool to initial report developers in Student area

Sept–Dec 2014

  • Training for additional Jaspersoft report developers

Dates to be determined:

  • Implement SRP