At OSU, data come from many sources and are maintained by many different units. Access to and integration of all data sources needs to become the standard practice.

Trust employees' data confidentiality, communicating expectations for appropriate care/use of data. This will enable open access to University data, creating work efficiencies and informing important decisions.

Data Stewards are responsible for:

  • Developing practices to assure accurate data
  • Creating policies and practices allowing data to be widely used
  • Enabling decisions and informing operations
  • Protecting highly sensitive data

Secondary and tertiary data management systems are in place at OSU. These systems originated to meet specific data access needs of academic units. A common data warehouse (DW) and a culture of openness will reduce the need to create/purchase other data management systems.

Current systems use, store, access, and present data in different programming languages, applications and approaches. Data integrated into a single data warehouse will mitigate these differences, as well as potentially eliminate the extraordinary amount of time spent hand-compiling information.

Eliminating multiple versions of data will drive OSU toward a single version of correct data.