Provost’s Purchase Award

The 2015 Provost's Purchase Award winner is Laura Borgen for her six panel piece entitled Self-Luster panel 1 and panel 2.



"It has been said that I wear too much makeup.  Similarly, I've heard that natural beauty is better than "fake" beauty.  I don't think even the most heavily applied makeup is fake, but rather an authentic collaboration between the body you didn't choose and the methods you select to alter it.  This series represents an obsession with appearance and the daily process of transformation.  Use of glitter is as unapologetic as my generous application of makeup and false lashes every day.  Each panel shows the constant influence of a makeup artist as I believe my face shows the influence of a painter.  Both practices allow for countless forms of genuine self-expression that I attempt to continuously explore.  For the past four years, half of my days are spent painting, the other half doing and selling makeup.  Basically I transform with paint all my waking yours." - Laura Borgen


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