Meet the Provost's Executive Committee

Charge to the Provost's Executive Committee: Discuss progress on the work of the Office of the Provost—which includes the portfolios of all direct reports with the exception of the college deans—as well as the university’s general agenda and strategic plan. Provide regular decision-making support to the provost. Assist with setting the agenda for the formal meetings of the Provost’s Council of Deans.

Susan Capalbo serves as the Senior Vice Provost for Faculty Affairs as of fall 2016.  She has been at Oregon State University since 2008 as Department Head and Professor in Applied Economics.

The Office of Faculty Affairs is committed to ensuring the vitality of our academic enterprise.  To fulfill this commitment, and to align with the OSU Strategic Plan, we support an outstanding array of undergraduate, graduate, and faculty programs. The academic affairs office enhances the academic environment for students, supports faculty development through the promotion and tenure process, diversity initiatives and other targeted programs and conducts ongoing assessment and provides institutional data to the range of OSU partners and constituencies.

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Dan Larson serves as the Interim Vice Provost for Student Affairs effective September 2017.

The Vice Provost for Student Affairs reports to the Provost and Executive Vice President and serves as a member of the executive leadership team of the president. The vice provost collaborates with others to develop and implement policies concerning student and general university programs and create a network to resolve problems and issues confronting students and staff. The vice provost represents student services throughout the university and community.

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Lois Brooks serves as Vice Provost for Information & Technology, leads IT, business intelligence and analytics for Oregon State University. Our growing student population on and off the university campuses, expanding research profile, and a service mission that reaches across Oregon and around the world creates a dynamic environment in which technology and information must play a critical and transformative role for the University to achieve its goals. The Division of Information & Technology (DoIT)Information Services provides a technology and data ecosystem at OSU that enables scholarship, learning, and community engagement in an environment where innovation and academic excellence thrive. 

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Susana Rivera-Mills serves as the Vice Provost of Academic Programs & Learning Innovation. Her previous positions at OSU include: Vice Provost and Dean of Undergraduate Studies, Executive Associate Dean in the College of Liberal Arts and Professor of Spanish Linguistics and Diversity Advancement.

The Vice Provost of Academic Programs & Learning Innovation main objective is to promote and improve student success at Oregon State, a critical element of the university’s Strategic Plan, with a particular emphasis on increasing and equalizing retention and graduation rates across all student populations.  In addition, the Vice Provost will advance university goals for student success, working in partnership with academic colleges, Student Affairs, Faculty Affairs, and Information Services. 

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Jennifer Brown serves as the Vice Provost and Dean for the Graduate School effective April 25, 2016.  Prior to her appointment, Jennifer served as Associate Dean of the Graduate School and Professor of Horticulture at OSU since June 2015.

As Vice Provost and Dean of the Graduate School, Brown will provide leadership for graduate education and serve as an advocate for graduate students. Together with graduate faculty, the Graduate School provides financial support for our students to ensure that OSU attracts the very best and brightest students to advance the University's research agenda.  The Graduate School provides opportunities for our students to acquire the skills that they will need to be successful in their future career

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Scott Reed serves as the Vice Provost for University Outreach and Engagement since his appointment in 2007.  Scott had been dean and director of the OSU Extension Service since 2005.

Oregon residents and people worldwide have access to a growing number of distance educational programs that enhance the economic, environmental and social welfare of society. The knowledge base of OSU is made available through systematically designed priorities within every unit that are designed to be consistent with the expressed needs of communities of place, interest and practice.

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