ProposalFY05 - 02Project TitleStudent Modem Pool MaintenanceUnitInformation Services [Network Services]Responsible PersonnelJon Dolan, Shay DakanTRF Funding$38,025Summary DescriptionThis funds the ongoing circuit costs and server maintenance costs related to the providing of current modem pool service to students. Existing equipment and infrastructure will be used, with funding only for operational costs.ProposalFY05 - 04Project TitleWireless Coverage for Memorial UnionUnitInformation Services [Network Services]Responsible PersonnelJon Dolan, Shay DakanTRF Funding$16,000Summary DescriptionTRF funding is used to cover the Memorial Union with wireless data access, as well as the common area in the Dixon Recreation Center. Funds will pay for wireless access points, part of the wire plant enhancements, and labor for installation.ProposalFY05 - 06Project TitleONID Ongoing ServicesUnitInformation Services [Central Computing]Responsible PersonnelCatherine Williams, Curt PedersonTRF Funding$239,376Summary DescriptionTRF funding will support the operation of ONID, which provides a combination of centralized services to students. A comprehensive directory of everyone in the OSU community is maintained by ONID, and ONID LDAP directory provides data to the campus online directory. Account authentication is provided for ONID services, Modem Pool access, Blackboard access, for the Student Computing Facility and for the Residence Computing Network. Email, LAN accessible file storage and web space is provided for all current students. Account information and email access are available through one web interface.ProposalFY05 - 18Project TitleInformation Services Computer ConsultingUnitInformation Services [Technology Support Services]Responsible PersonnelTammy Barr, Curt PedersonTRF Funding$85,849Summary DescriptionThe IS Computer Consulting service provides telephone and email "how to" assistance to OSU students, staff, and faculty. Student staffed with IT Management responds to a variety of questions related to modem pool access, ONID accounts, Blackboard use, operating systems, software applications and internet tools. OSUWare CD is produced by this operating unit. Resources are also provided via the web, including help documents, downloadable software, and lists of other helpful sites. Funding is for student portion only.ProposalFY05 - 33Project TitleTechnology Enhanced Classroom Maintenance and UpgradesUnitInformation Services [Media Services]Responsible PersonnelRick Brand, John GreydanusTRF Funding$507,409Summary DescriptionThis use of TRF funding is for the operation, maintenance, upgrade and further enhancement of the instructional technologies in the 123 general-use campus classrooms.ProposalFY05 - 36Project TitleAdaptive Technology EquipmentUnitInformation Services [Media Services / Technology Access Program]Responsible PersonnelJohn Greydanus, Ron StewartTRF Funding$465,700Summary DescriptionThe mission of the Technology Access Program at OSU is to support and facilitate the University community in meeting and accommodating the technology access needs of students with disabilities. As our educational environment becomes increasingly technology dependent with each passing term the challenges faced by our students with disabilities increases correspondingly. TAP's efforts help OSU's students with disabilities overcome technology hurdles and develop needed skills and abilities.ProposalFY05 - 37Project TitleONID Mail and Storage UpgradeUnitInformation Services [Central Computing]Responsible PersonnelCatherine Williams, Curt PedersonTRF Funding$111,000Summary DescriptionFunding is requested to upgrade the ONID file server to increase performance, and to replace the single ONID mail server with multiple mail servers for increased performance and redundancy. In addition, funding would allow the upgrade and combined ONID mail and file storage into a SAN storage solution. ONID mail quotas would be increased to 200MB per user, and ONID disk quotas to 1GB per user.ProposalFY05 - 39Project TitleStudent Computing FacilitiesUnitInformation Services [Media Services]Responsible PersonnelRussell Born, Rick Brand, Curt PedersonTRF Funding$632,809Summary DescriptionStudent Computing Facilities provides undergraduate and graduate students 24/7 access to Apple Macintosh and Windows computers. SCF also provides technical and administrative support for seven computer classrooms, which are available for any college for class scheduling. SCF also provides support to several departmental computer labs. This represents the operating budget for computer facilities in Milne, Kidder Multimedia Lab, and seven computer classrooms.ProposalFY05 - 42Project TitleGraduate Student Multimedia Presentation CenterUnitInformation Services [Media Services]Responsible PersonnelJohn Greydanus, Teresa PreddyTRF Funding$54,039Summary DescriptionAn integral part of graduate education and development is formal presentation of student research. Throughout their university careers, students communicate research at professional conferences and within program departments. GSMPC provides state-of-the-art multimedia technology, including computer projection, equipment, digital video editing, and large poster presentations.ProposalFY05 - 43Project TitleCampus-Wide Software Site LicensesUnitInformation Services [Technology Support Services]Responsible PersonnelTammy Barr, Curt PedersonTRF Funding$142,296Summary DescriptionThe negotiation of software site licenses is beneficial as it allows wider use of software packages covered under a site license. Currently covered are: AutoCAD, Mathematica, Maple, Statgraphics, Symantec Antivirus, and ESRI's GIS products. Software agreements provide use capability to student laboratories, Residence Hall Network, HMSC, and distance education.ProposalFY05 - 44Project TitleInformation Commons Computer ReplacementUnitUniversity Libraries [Valley Library]Responsible PersonnelRichard Griffin, Karyle ButcherTRF Funding$68,850Summary DescriptionThe Library's Information Commons was created in 1999 to provide electronic research and basic computing facilities for Library users, most of whom are OSU students. The Commons has 120 desktop personal computers, with 54 due for replacement because of years of heavy use. Funding will allow the purchase of 54 new Dell computers to replace the machines showing age and needing replacement.ProposalFY05 - 45Project TitleOSUWare CD [formerly ORSTware]UnitInformation Services [Technology Support Services]Responsible PersonnelTammy Barr, Curt PedersonTRF Funding$8,541Summary DescriptionThis CD is the primary mechanism for distributing software that is available to students, staff, and faculty, through OSU's software licensing agreements. It includes updated versions of Symantec Antivirus, applications including Internet browsers, email programs, and other Internet utilities. It includes instructions for setting up student computers to dial into the OSU Modem Pool as well as getting connected through the Residential Network.ProposalFY05 - 46Project TitleElectronic Resources for the LibraryUnitValley LibraryResponsible PersonnelBonnie Allen, Karyle ButcherTRF Funding$550,000Summary DescriptionThe transition to electronic resources [electronic databases] has become essential to undergraduate and graduate students as the information has become basic to the research projects of students, group projects, and the ability to share information seamlessly, even at a distance.ProposalFY05 - 57Project TitleInstructional Technology Multimedia Classroom EnhancementUnitInformation Services [Media Services]Responsible PersonnelRick Brand, Larry Pribyl, John GreydanusTRF Funding$31,205Summary DescriptionThe project will update and replace obsolete and non-functional equipment that was designed and installed over 15 years ago. Upgrades will allow enhanced learning using the latest in multimedia technology, and produce high quality media for streaming to students any time, any place.ProposalFY05 - 62Project Title2004/2005 Blackboard Instructional Portal SupportUnitInformation Services [Central Computer]Responsible PersonnelCatherine Williams, Frank KesselTRF Funding$302,048Summary DescriptionThe TRF proposal is to provide funding for the central infrastructure required for Blackboard, including systems administration, hardware and software. Blackboard is a combination teaching and learning environment, and a configurable portal for the OSU community.ProposalFY05 - 65Project TitleOSU Write: A University Blog SolutionUnitAcademic Affairs [CWL, WIC, IS/Media Services]Responsible PersonnelJon Dorbolo, John Greydanus, Lisa Ede, Vicki Tolar BurtonTRF Funding$5,000Summary DescriptionTRF resources would fund the enterprise-wide solution whereby every OSU student may operate their own Blog. Educational value would be increased by strategic integration into the library and Blackboard resources. Tutorials and workshops will be available for students. A pilot project will be developed from the initial TRF funding.ProposalFY05 - 70Project TitleWireless Access Point Installation - Residence Halls and Co-OpsUnitUniversity Housing and Dining ServicesResponsible PersonnelThomas Scheuermann, David Craig, Chris WhiteTRF Funding$19,800Summary DescriptionUHDS will use funding to create environments where students can gather and collaborate on course projects, while being able to access university network resources outside of the confines of a computer lab or residence hall. Funding will allow wireless installations in the following: Bloss, Buxton, Callahan, Cauthorn, Finley, Halsell, Hawley, McNary, Poling, Sackett, Weatherford, West, Avery, Azalea, Dixon, Oxford, and Reed.College of Agricultural SciencesProposalFY05 - 53Project TitleAREC Graduate Laboratory PrinterUnitCollege of Agricultural Sciences [Ag & Resource Economics]Responsible PersonnelPatricia Maynard, Marianne LeDouxTRF Funding$1,444Summary DescriptionAn aging printer is no longer meeting student needs, so the current HP LaserJet 4000 will be replaced with a new HP LaserJet 2430dtn printer with an additional 64MB of memory.ProposalFY05 - 89Project TitleCrop and Soil Sciences Computer Enhanced Teaching FacilityUnitCollege of Agricultural Sciences [Crop and Soil Sciences]Responsible PersonnelCurt Onstott, Marcia BrettTRF Funding$28,395Summary DescriptionFunding will be used to upgrade the computer-enhanced, collaborative, teaching lab. This is used to provide students with first-hand experience with specialized software used in agricultural research and teaching. Learning is enhanced through the use of statistical analysis tools, genome databases, interactive weed identification software and other tools. Upgrade and enhancement would be to upgrade four-year old computers, and for adding an interactive control system for the instructor.College of BusinessProposalFY05 - 35Project TitleBexell Hall Student Computer LaboratoryUnitCollege of BusinessResponsible PersonnelStephen Landis, Ilene KleinsorgeTRF Funding$155,000Summary DescriptionFunding from TRF is used to pay for a portion of the operating costs of the Bexell Hall Computer Lab, which is one of the larger general access computer labs on campus. Funds are for general operations, plus acquisition of new hardware and software.College of EngineeringProposalFY05 - 21Project TitleCapstone Computer LaboratoryUnitCollege of Engineering [Civil Engineering]Responsible PersonnelTracy Arras, Ron AdamsTRF Funding$26,096Summary DescriptionThis project will provide CCEE and other Engineering students with access to key computing applications. Effort consists of the acquisition, installation, operation, and maintenance of 12 workstations and one large-format duplex printer, to be located in 311 Apperson HallProposalFY05 - 25Project TitleExpansion and Upgrade of Student Computing Facilities in Dearborn HallUnitCollege of EngineeringResponsible PersonnelChris Thompson, Cherri Pancake, Ronald AdamsTRF Funding$43,298Summary DescriptionCollege of Engineering request is for funds to upgrade the 26-station undergraduate computing lab in Dearborn Hall, and expand it by remodeling the adjacent room, and thus joining the two into a single lab. Expansion will double the current size and provide a more central location for the College of Engineering's Student Computing Helpdesk.ProposalFY05 - 49Project TitleStudent Computing Facilities Upgrade, Rogers HallUnitCollege of EngineeringResponsible PersonnelDallas Holmes, Todd P ShechterTRF Funding$24,000Summary DescriptionStudent Computing Facilities in Rogers Hall 340 are outdated and must be upgraded to support software for academic and professional preparedness. 16 new Dell workstations will resolve this deficiency. Mechanical Engineering students are leaving Rogers Hall to find machines that have the capability to meet their needs, and this is an inconvenience to students, and puts additional pressure on other departmental labs. Smaller workstations and displays will enhance usable space in the small computer lab space available in Rogers 340.ProposalFY05 - 52Project TitleScheulin LaboratoryUnitCollege of Engineering [Chemical Engineering]Responsible PersonnelMilo David Koretsky, Leslie JonesTRF Funding$44,480Summary DescriptionIn its current status, the Scheulin Lab is unable to manage the extensive programs in Chemical Engineering. This will be alleviated by the acquisition, installation, operation and maintenance of 20 Pentium 4 workstations, plus two large format duplex printers. All will be installed in the computer lab in Gleeson Hall, Room 002.ProposalFY05 - 60Project TitleHovland Labs Student Computing Facilities [FY05]UnitCollege of Engineering [EECS]Responsible PersonnelJames Buckley, Ron AdamsTRF Funding$318,106Summary DescriptionThe Hovland SCF provides OSU students access to Apple and PC computers running Macintosh, Windows and Linux operating systems on a 24/7 basis while OSU is in session. Technical assistance is provided in Hovland's main computer lab. Specialized software is provided, and supported, as needed/requested by colleges and departments.College of ForestryProposalFY05 - 07Project TitleOperations and Equipment Upgrade of Student Computing Facilities in the College of ForestryUnitCollege of ForestryResponsible PersonnelDarius Adams, Kathy HowellTRF Funding$72,523Summary DescriptionCollege of Forestry operates 16 student computing labs offering 143 workstations, 8 black/white printers and 3 color printers, and assorted multimedia peripherals used by approximately 558 CofF students and 130 non-CofF students per term. Labs and helpdesk staff assistance is provided for 63 hours/week during the term. Funding is needed for general operations including equipment and software upgrades.ProposalFY05 - 23Project TitleDuffie Digital Video Library UpgradeUnitCollege of Forestry [Forestry Media, Forest Resources]Responsible PersonnelJeff Hino, Bruce ShindlerTRF Funding$10,130Summary DescriptionThe Duffie Digital Video Lab offers students in the College of Forestry access to powerful tools to build their communication skills, increase technology proficiency, and create effective communication products. The lab is currently equipped with an earlier generation of equipment, 2001 era, and to address the increasing demands of digital video, as well as student expertise and expectations, the lab's hardware and software need upgrading.ProposalFY05 - 54Project TitleTechnology Enhanced ClassroomsUnitCollege of ForestryResponsible PersonnelDarius Adams, Kathy HowellTRF Funding$5,499Summary DescriptionWith increased University enrollments, smaller, seminar-sized classrooms are being more frequently used for classes, and thus existing facilities need to be upgraded to an enhanced classroom status. TRF funding will be used to equip the largest College of Forestry seminar room with a workstation and projector, self-contained in a securable cart that can also be utilized in other seminar rooms as needed.College of Health and Human SciencesProposalFY05 - 47Project TitleWireless Coverage for Milan Hall, Women''s Building, Langton HallUnitHealth and Human Sciences / Information Services [Network Engineering]Responsible PersonnelTammy Bray, Jon Dolan, Shay DakanTRF Funding$25,000Summary DescriptionWireless access to computer networks is becoming the expected standard in higher education, and this proposal will add wireless capability to Milam Hall, Women's Building, and Langton Hall. Funds will cover cost of the student portion of wireless access points, partial cost of wireplant enhancements, and installation labor.ProposalFY05 - 50Project TitleDeveloping a Prototype for a Virtual Computer LaboratoryUnitCollege of Health and Human SciencesResponsible PersonnelAlan Acock, Carolyn M AldwinTRF Funding$25,000Summary DescriptionFunding is to develop a prototype of a virtual computer lab, which would be a less expensive and more flexible alternative to current PC-based computer labs. Most graduate students and many undergraduate students have laptops. Using new technologies, we can provide centralized services in a decentralized environment.ProposalFY05 - 86Project TitleIncreasing Student Access, Use and Learning Experiences in the Design and Human Environment Computer Laboratory [Milam 218]UnitHealth and Human Sciences [Design & Human Environment]Responsible PersonnelLeslie Burns, Carol Caughey,TRF Funding$21,119Summary DescriptionThe Design and Human Environment computer lab in Milam 218 currently provides state-of-the-art hardware and software, specific to design and merchandising professions, necessary to deliver compelling learning experiences in the professional programs offered in the Department of Design and Human Environment. Funding is for lab maintenance and operation, as the lab facilitates technical and critical thinking skills needed for the students to acquire competitive internships and positions upon graduation.ProposalFY05 - 94Project TitleEXSS/PAC Technology EnhancementsUnitHealth and Human SciencesResponsible PersonnelAnn AsbellTRF Funding$5,450Summary DescriptionFunding will be for a project that will improve student learning through an upgrade to digital multimedia equipment. The project will involve purchase of a digital camcorder, 3 televisions, 3 DVD/VCR combinations, equipment carts, and peripheral materials.College of Liberal ArtsProposalFY05 - 15Project TitlePublic Policy Research Laboratory Computer UpgradesUnitCollege of Liberal Arts [Political Science]Responsible PersonnelWilliam Lunch, Kay SchafferTRF Funding$6,899Summary DescriptionCurrent lab equipment [computers, laser printer/scanner] in Gilkey 303 is over three years old, and out of warranty. Funds will be used to replace six computers and a laser printer/scanner.ProposalFY05 - 19Project TitleMusic Learning CenterUnitCollege of Liberal Arts [Music Department]Responsible PersonnelMichael Coolen, Kay SchafferTRF Funding$11,360Summary DescriptionFunding is needed to replace older G4 and Dell PCs, and peripheral equipment that form the base of the Music Learning Center. Students' only use stations for music assignments, including studying/arranging chorales, ear training, music printing programs [Finale/Sibelius], word processing for music assignments, email access, viewing of DVDs, and similar tasks.ProposalFY05 - 69Project TitleEnhanced Studio Classrooms: Fairbanks HallUnitCollege of Liberal Arts [Art Department]Responsible PersonnelJames Folts, Andrea MarksTRF Funding$25,276Summary DescriptionThis TRF proposal will fund the creation of two enhanced studio classrooms for the Department of Art in Fairbanks. Major goal is to increase instructional effectiveness by making a Macintosh-based computer projection system readily available in a studio environment. Enhanced studio classroom will also play an integral part in fostering the integration of new media into the Department of Art curriculum.ProposalFY05 - 71Project Title208 Design: Fairbanks HallUnitCollege of Liberal Arts [Art Department]Responsible PersonnelAndrea Marks, James FoltsTRF Funding$7,782Summary DescriptionTRF funds will be used to purchase two pieces of equipment for 208 Design, a student run graphic design studio in Fairbanks. Equipment to be purchased will be a color laser printer and a Snap Server, which will create a more professional and efficient art studio.ProposalFY05 - 87Project TitleDigital Projector for Classroom PresentationsUnitCollege of Liberal Arts [Political Science]Responsible PersonnelWilliam Lunch, Kay SchafferTRF Funding$2,015Summary DescriptionFunding will be used to purchase one portable digital projector for use by students giving PowerPoint presentations for their classes, and for a portable screen with tripod base, and carrying case, to use with the portable digital projectorCollege of ScienceProposalFY05 - 03Project TitleHuman Anatomy and Physiology Laboratory EnhancementUnitCollege of Science [Zoology]Responsible PersonnelJohn Ruben, Sherman BloomerTRF Funding$76,132Summary DescriptionFunding will be used to upgrade the Human Anatomy and Physiology labs in Cordley Hall. Twelve computers with analog-to-digital acquisition capabilities, along with peripheral hardware and software used for physiological data acquisition will be added to existing resources. Computers will be integrated with recently acquired state-of-the-art microscopes and associated camera outputs to allow students and instructors simultaneous access to microscope images, and downloading/transportability of images. Pan-and-tilt ceiling cameras outputting to existing video projectors will enhance high quality, whole class instruction using cadavers.ProposalFY05 - 09Project TitleRefurbishing Digital Earth Tracking Teaching Classroom & LibraryUnitCollege of Science [Geosciences]Responsible PersonnelRoger Nielsen, Dawn Wright, Mark MeyersTRF Funding$95,495Summary DescriptionDigital Earth is a teaching facility primarily for Geographic Information Systems [GIS], digital image computer modeling, remote sensing, cartography, numerical analysis, and scientific visualization. Courses in computer modeling, hydrology, surface processes and climatology are also taught. Funding will be used to refurbish this facility that enables the teaching of advanced technologies and prepares students for future careers.ProposalFY05 - 34Project TitleUpgrading Computers, Hardware and Software & Network for Advanced Chemistry Laboratory InstructionUnitCollege of Science [Chemistry]Responsible PersonnelDouglas Keszler, Sherman BloomerTRF Funding$53,702Summary DescriptionTo continue the advancement of the teaching goals of training and hands-on experience with scientific instruments, 12 computers will be upgraded with subject specific hardware adaptation components and subject specific software. Upgrades will enable the continued offering of first hand experience with modern instrumentation, and allow for remote data analysis via the network to students in advanced chemistry lab courses.ProposalFY05 - 55Project TitleEnhanced Classrooms for the Department of GeosciencesUnitCollege of Science [Geosciences]Responsible PersonnelRoger Nielsen, Sherman BloomerTRF Funding$5,000Summary DescriptionTRF funding will support the acquisition of an enhanced classroom for the Department of Geosciences through the installation of a computer, video and sound system, and data projector in Wilkinson 207. Conversion of this classroom will improve instructional capability, as well as provide a facility for special uses, such as thesis defenses and special lectures.ProposalFY05 - 59Project TitleExpanding Wireless Access and Presentation Opportunities in the Math Learning CenterUnitCollege of Science [Mathematics Department/Math Learning Center]Responsible PersonnelThomas DickTRF Funding$9,000Summary DescriptionThis proposal is to provide funding for establishment of enhanced wireless Internet access for student users of the MLC, and to provide enhanced visual student presentation capabilities of the MLC. These goals will be accomplished by the installation of two managed wireless access points, and two projection setups in the two MLC classroomsProposalFY05 - 85Project TitleComputer Workstations to Integrate Database Resources and Bioinformatics into Biochemistry and BiophysicsUnitCollege of Science [Biochemistry & Biophysics]Responsible PersonnelVictor HsuTRF Funding$19,130Summary DescriptionTRF funding is for the update of four computer workstations in the Biochemistry & Biophysics student computer lab, and to place two computer workstations in the Biochemistry lab. Primary goal of the project is to provide students with direct access to modern computers configured with bioscience software for experimental design and data analysis, and to help integrate internet based database access with wet laboratory experiments.Hatfield Marine Science CenterProposalFY05 - 38Project TitleHMSC Library Wireless Compatibility ProjectUnitHatfield Marine Science CenterResponsible PersonnelDann Cutter, George BoehlertTRF Funding$3,000Summary DescriptionHMSC is seeking to increase the growing expanse of the OSU wireless network by including the same functionality for the students at HMSC as at other major portions of the Corvallis campus. This will allow students with wireless systems registered in the Valley Library to come to the Guin Library and access network systems in a transparent fashion. Funding will add four access points at HMSC, and will include the entire Guin Library as well as the graduate student loft area.International ProgramsProposalFY05 - 05Project TitleELI Learning Center Enhancement ProjectUnitInternational Programs [English Language Institute]Responsible PersonnelDonna Shaw, Michael Witbeck, Deborah HealeyTRF Funding$30,903Summary DescriptionELI's Learning Center is a unique 22 workstation student multimedia lab with a focus on enhancing the English acquisition of ELI and OSU students. TRF funding will be used to enhance the facility by replacing seven Windows computers, adding one new Windows computer, and increasing its student classroom presentation activities with an additional laptop, projector, video camera, and DVD player. Language learning software will be replaced or updated.Student AffairsProposalFY05 - 16Project TitleStudent Terminals - Kerr Administration LobbyUnitStudent Affairs [Office of the Registrar]Responsible PersonnelBarbara Balz, Larry RoperTRF Funding$2,680Summary DescriptionSince many student business transactions are through Web Self-Service, email and OSU websites, access to Lobby-Based computers would be helpful as the students visit the core offices on the first floor of Kerr. Providing services to students would be greatly enhanced by the installation of 2 student computer terminals [CN Lite] with data port connection in the Kerr Lobby.ProposalFY05 - 58Project TitleAssessment of Students in Counseling Using Technological DeliveryUnitStudent Affairs [Counseling & Psychological Services]Responsible PersonnelEllen Taylor, Beth DyerTRF Funding$3,100Summary DescriptionUsing a Palm Pilot or one accessible PC, each student would complete a standardized assessment instrument, designed to assess level of functioning and risk. This assessment facilitates triage and treatment planning, and generates a report for counselors. This addition will reduce the number of sessions required by students, which will reduce the waiting list and expedite service to students.ProposalFY05 - 66Project TitleAutomated Student Survey SystemsUnitASOSUResponsible PersonnelHerb Vloedman, Kristen DowneyTRF Funding$4,160Summary DescriptionOSU students would benefit from an online survey tool that can be used to conduct surveys of the student body and general public. TRF funds would be used to create an Automated Student Survey System that would be hosted at OSU. All current students will be able to login, create web surveys, solicit input, and retrieve results. [Examples: class surveys, elections, student interest polls, complaint forms, etc.]ProposalFY05 - 72Project TitleConversion of Wilson 125 to an Enhanced Study Space and Meeting AreaUnitStudent Affairs [University Housing and Dining Services]Responsible PersonnelThomas Scheuermann, Chris White, David CraigTRF Funding$3,100Summary DescriptionFunding from TRF will be used to convert a currently unused space in Wilson Hall to an enhanced study area. Space would be available to students for class study, as well as a meeting space for campus organizations. Other uses will be for student tutoring and as a study hall.ProposalFY05 - 74Project TitleCultural Resource Center Computer Laboratory EquipmentUnitStudent Affairs [Diversity Development]Responsible PersonnelMercedes Benton, Christian MatheisTRF Funding$23,050Summary DescriptionCultural/Resource Centers are committed to the retention of underrepresented students by providing facilities, events, activities, support services, and leadership development opportunities for students. TRF funding would be used to purchase 18 personal computers to replace current equipment in the Cultural/Resource Centers, and 13 new network drops for use by the student staff and visitors.ProposalFY05 - 96Project TitleASOSU Computer Upgrade 2.0UnitASOSUResponsible PersonnelIan Lewallen, Kristen DowneyTRF Funding$16,282Summary DescriptionASOSU maintains computers in an effort to support its mission of serving and representing the associated student body at OSU. Existing computer pool has exceeded the normal lifespan, and thus replacement is necessary. Funds will be used to replace a number of these aging computers, and accordingly complete a systems upgrade that was begun in the prior year. [Updated: Thursday, April 27, 2006]