November 29-30, 2011 at the OSU Alumni Center 

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The Oregon State University (OSU) Marine Council and Oregon Sea Grant hosted a two-day workshop focused on the broad-scale science issues of Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning (CMSP) in Oregon and the region.  The workshop purpose was to coordinate academic science capabilities in Oregon and to consider how to best integrate this expertise into statewide and regional comprehensive ocean planning and management efforts.

Workshop Highlights

The CMSP workshop was an important initial step in ensuring that the scientific expertise of Oregon academics is meaningfully coordinated and strategically integrated into statewide and regional comprehensive ocean planning and management efforts.

There were roughly 70 participants on the first day of the workshop which included OSU and Portland State University faculty, representatives from state and federal agencies (including officials from the Governor’s Office, NOAA, and the White House Office of Science and Technology Policy), and invited speakers from out of state. The morning presentations provided attendees a solid background on national, regional and state CMSP efforts; the afternoon included presentations and a discussion panel by scientists highly involved in CMSP; and all of this led into a breakout session discussing some of the key research questions that need to be addressed and how Oregon is uniquely positioned to address these.

The second day of the workshop had over 40 participants, primarily faculty.  Over 20 faculty gave overview presentations on their areas of expertise, and this was followed by a facilitated breakout session where groups discussed Oregon’s academic capabilities, synergistic opportunities, and a framework for academics to inform comprehensive ocean planning in Oregon and the region.

The workshop report is underway and will be posted on this site once complete. 

Workshop Background

Coastal and Marine Spatial Planning
Coastal and marine environments support a number of traditional and emerging uses and activities that call for improved planning and management to allow for these often competing uses of ocean resources, while ensuring that resources exist for future generations. CMSP has been identified as a new approach to better manage a range of social, economic and cultural issues, and was deemed a high priority by President Obama in his adopted National Ocean Policy (July 2010).

Workshop Goals:

  1. Provide a forum for Oregon academic faculty for scientific exchange about CMSP.
  2. Educate Oregon academic faculty about CMSP and how they can contribute.
  3. Identify the issues of CMSP that are unique to Oregon.
  4. Assess current research and scientific capabilities among Oregon academic faculty regarding CMSP.
  5. Identify synergistic opportunities among multidisciplinary Oregon academic faculty.

Products and Outcomes:

  1. A common understanding of CMSP by Oregon academic faculty, and the role of their research within it.
  2. An established network of Oregon academic scientific professionals invested in research related to CMSP by producing a list of contacts and a means for continued communication and coordination (e.g., through a listserv or website).
  3. A comprehensive document identifying Oregon academic faculty’s current and ongoing CMSP research, and scientific capabilities and interests.
  4. Identification of synergistic opportunities within and across disciplines.
  5. An assessment of mechanisms to maintain and enhance future communication and collaboration for CMSP research.


Workshop Sponsors:

OSU          OSG