Planning for Strategic Plan 4.0 2019-23

Oregon State University has engaged in strategic planning for nearly 15 years to guide how the university serves the state, nation and world with transformative impacts in teaching, research, and outreach and engagement. The University’s first comprehensive strategic plan was created in 2004, and was followed up with the second phase of the plan in 2009. Strategic Plan 3.0 began in 2014 and focused on excellence.

We are now actively engaged in developing Strategic Plan 4.0.  Over the next nine months, we will be designing the process, engaging with stakeholders and the university community, and drafting the plan for public comment and review. Opportunities to contribute to the dialogue and updates to the process will be forthcoming. A timeline for SP4.0 can be found here.

As we embark on the development of the next five-year strategic plan, we have taken time to think about our unique contributions within the higher education landscape.   VISION 2030: Distinction, Access and Excellence articulates Oregon State’s promise, focus and distinction among premier research institutions. It describes our commitment to provide access to a high quality and affordable education for all learners and engage in world-class discovery, innovation, and service within the University’s signature areas.