Requests for proposals closed on December 18, 2014. All funds for grants awarded must be spent by October 1, 2015. Unused funds will be returned to the Technology Innovation Fund for other projects. Technology and services purchased with the funds belong to OSU.

Academic Success Center

Applicant Clare Creighton
Funded $ 7,700
Technology 15 Dell Venue tablets for Academic Learning Advisors (ALAs) to enhance support for on-campus residents
Outcomes Incoming and current students will have greater access to ALAs and will receive hands-on training in navigating campus technologies.

Civil and Construction Engineering

Applicant Meghna Babbar-Sebens
Funded $ 275
Technology ArcHydro Groundwater Tools software licensing for classroom-based, state of the art modeling
Outcomes Students will gain valuable hands-on experience in solving complex real-world water resources engineering problems using state of the art modeling tools.

Civil and Construction Engineering

Applicant Chris Parrish
Funded $ 1,000
Technology GlobalMapper software for geospatial processing and analysis
Outcomes Students will quickly and easily view data output and perform detailed analysis without the steep learning curve of many other software packages.

Fisheries and Wildlife

Applicant Douglas Reese
Funded $ 9,901
Technology Advanced field instrumentation to support student research projects
Outcomes Students will gain a better understanding of how local habitat variability affects the activity and distribution of species utilizing these areas.

Fisheries and Wildlife

Applicant Tiffany Garcia
Funded $ 9,960
Technology Acoustic recorders for undergraduate and graduate researchers involved in species monitoring
Outcomes Students will become educated in advanced analytical techniques that benefit species management and conservation.

Forest Engineering Resources and Management

Applicant Kevin Bladon
Funded $ 9,997
Technology Technological infrastructure to provide student learning experiences in hydrological and soils data collection
Outcomes Students will gain personal experience collecting reliable, high quality field data using advanced technology, will better understand the variability and uncertainty in the data, and learn to correctly utilize the data for practical land management decisions.

Graduate School

Applicant Karen Hanson
Funded $ 10,000
Technology Office technology for the Graduate School Success Center to facilitate peer-to-peer mentoring, academic support, and community building
Outcomes Graduate students will be better able to participate in interdisciplinary conversations, peer-to-peer mentoring, and community building that will encourage professional development and academic success.

Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering

Applicant Christopher Hoyle
Funded $ 600
Technology Dymola modeling software to enhance student understanding of system modeling
Outcomes Students will be able to tie together concepts from many of the fundamental engineering courses in the context of system design, including the electrical, mechanical, hydraulic, and thermodynamic model components within the same application model.

Integrative Biology

Applicants James Bonar and Devon Quick
Funded $ 9,820
Technology iPads and 3D applications for peer instructional support
Outcomes Students will be able to visualize and virtually manipulate 3D anatomies and better understand complex mechanisms.

Integrative Biology

Applicant Douglas Warrick
Funded $ 3,000
Technology Field video to teach moderns methods of kinematic and morphological analysis
Outcomes Students will have more dynamic and experiential laboratory experiences in the field biomechanics and build 3D virtual skeletons of animals that are difficult to acquire.


Applicant Dan Rockwell
Funded $ 4,500
Technology 3D printed teaching aids for Math courses
Outcomes Students will gain more kinesthetic experiences with advanced mathematical concepts.

Mechanical, Industrial, and Manufacturing Engineering

Applicant Brian Jensen
Funded $ 2,875
Technology Integrated CAD software to enhance instruction in manufacturing principles and techniques
Outcomes Students will learn how to make significant design changes to their CAD models and process these the changes through the manufacturing modules.

OSU Libraries and Press

Applicant Steve Van Tuyl
Funded $ 8,550
Technology 3D scanner to enhance the use of 3D visualizations in the curriculum
Outcomes In partnering with OSU faculty in a set of pilot projects, students will visualize complex mathematical concepts, produce examples of biomechanical or mechanical processes, and access rare or unique materials and artifacts.

OSU Libraries and Press

Applicant Natalia Fernández
Funded $ 7,251
Technology Digital storytelling equipment for students to collaborate with the Oregon Multicultural Archives to produce iBooks
Outcomes Students will learn and practice multiple writing strategies and actively incorporate higher level and critical thinking skills.

School of Arts and Communication

Applicant Julia Bradshaw
Funded $ 8,276
Technology Portable lighting kits for photography classes
Outcomes Students will expand their repertoire and develop skills in lighting on location, outside of the studio.

School of Civil and Construction Engineering

Applicants David S. Hurwitz and H. Benjamin Mason
Funded $ 10,000
Technology Desktop Learning Module to teach undergraduate students about transportation geotechnics and natural hazards engineering
Outcomes Students will be able to visualize fundamental mechanisms and develop theory with faculty guidance.

School of Design and Human Environment

Applicants Marianne Dickson and Seunghae Lee
Funded $ 9,580
Technology Large format printers for Milam to facilitate innovative and interactive learning for undergraduates in the SDHE
Outcomes Students will be able to do rapid prototyping and real-time critiquing, print interior construction documents in appropriate scale, and demonstrate the design process from the conceptualization to the final product.

School of Writing Literature and Film

Applicant Tim Jensen
Funded $ 10,000
Technology Expand the Write365 online writing platform to help students enhance writing skills and practices.
Outcomes Students across disciplines will develop their writing skills, experience improved wellness via anxiety reduction, and construct healthy habits, enhancing their success both in and out of the classroom.

World Languages and Cultures

Applicants Adam Schwartz with Melissa Carrillo and Lorenzo Triburgo
Funded $ 5,000
Technology Digital cameras to enhance student involvement and collaboration and facilitate cross-cultural dialogues
Outcomes Students will use a culturally-responsive pedagogical framework to rethink what it means to be bilingual given a variety of linguistic and cultural experiences.

Writing Literature and Film

Applicant Ehren Helmut Pflugfelder
Funded $ 8,999
Technology Chromebooks to enhance collaborative, digital-first, professional and technical writing projects
Outcomes Students will experience increased success in key writing and communication literacies in multiple courses.