Kasaundra A. (Kassy) Bonanno

Corvallis, Oregon

Kasaundra A. Bonanno graduated from St. Mary's Academy in Portland, Oregon and is an undergraduate student in the Honors College and Presidential Scholar at Oregon State University.

Kasaundra is currently in her third year of her undergraduate degree and has become involved on campus in a variety of different ways. Currently, she serves on OSU's Student Health Services Advisory Board, works as a legislative advocacy assistant for the OSU Foundation, and is captain of OSU's mock trial team. She is a passionate advocate for students at the university, state, and federal levels, having traveled both to Salem and Washington, D.C. to lobby on behalf of students across a wide range of policy issues, including housing affordability, health care, climate change, and funding for higher education. 

Kasaundra hopes to work for the state of Oregon after graduation, working to implement policy that betters the lives of Oregonians. She cares deeply about supporting students and others facing housing insecurity, and she hopes to utilize her education to create policy solutions that improve access and affordability of housing for impacted populations. She is excited to represent student interests on the OSU Board of Trustees and to highlight the importance of the university to the statewide community.

Kasaundra Bonanno
Term Ends
June 30, 2025
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