Committees and Groups

The Building and Place Name Evaluation Workgroup, consisting of key stakeholders, is tasked to review the context of a namesake’s life and gather community input to make a recommendation on how to address a namesake’s legacy, including the possible renaming of a building. Whether or not the workgroup recommends that that building or place be renamed, it will recommend forms of permanent community education to provide information regarding the context of namesake’s life and legacy and why a building or place bears their name.

Architectural Naming Committee (ANC)

  • Steve Clark, Vice President of University Relations and Marketing (chair)
  • Teresita Alvarez-Cortez, University Housing & Dining Services
  • Ed Feser, Provost and Executive Vice President
  • Mike Goodwin, President and CEO, OSU Foundation
  • Mike Green, Interim Vice President for Finance and Administration
  • Azeem Hussaini, student
  • Jock Mills, Director of Government Relations
  • Janet Nishihara, Educational Opportunities Program
  • Radhika Shah, Vice President, Associated Students of Oregon State University (ASOSU)

Building and Place Name Evaluation Subcommittee (formerly Advisory Committee)

  • Joseph Orosco, co-chair, School of History, Philosophy, and Religion
  • Larry Landis, co-chair, Special Collections & Archives Research Center
  • Natalia Fernández, Oregon Multicultural Archives and OSU Queer Archives
  • Ben Mutschler, School of History, Philosophy, and Religion
  • Scott Vignos, Office of Institutional Diversity

Building and Place Name Evaluation Workgroup

  • Members of the Building and Place Name Evaluation Subcommittee
  • Sofia Baum, student
  • Warren Brainard, Aerospace Studies, Commander of OSU Air Force ROTC 
  • Natchee Barnd, School of Language, Culture, and Society
  • Dan Bartholomae, OSU Athletics
  • Brandi Douglas, Office of Institutional Diversity
  • Constance French, OSU Foundation
  • Bill Robbins, School of History, Philosophy, and Religion (emeritus)
  • Veronica Royce, OSU Alumni Association
  • Dwaine Plaza, School of Public Policy
  • Jenna Proctor, OSU Foundation
  • Marcus Trinidad, student

Building Name Selection Committees

Avery Lodge

  • Joseph Orosco, associate professor, School of History, Philosophy and Religion, committee chair
  • Sunil Khanna, Faculty Senate representative, school head, Public Health and Human Sciences Administration
  • Dawn Snyder, associate operations director, University Housing and Dining Services
  • Nicole Hindes, assistant director, Human Services Resource Center
  • Meghan Bali, student, ASOSU coordinator of multicultural affairs

Benton Annex

  • Scott Vignos, director of strategic initiatives, Office of Institutional Diversity, committee chair
  • Grace Atebe, Faculty Senate representative, director of international student and scholar services
  • Reagan Le, co-interim director, Diversity and Cultural Engagement; assistant director, Asian and Pacific Cultural Center
  • Luhui Whitebear-Cupp, assistant director, Native American Longhouse
  • Whitney Archer, associate director, Diversity and Cultural Engagement; assistant director, Women’s Center
  • Anna Liu, student, ASOSU Senator

Benton Hall

  • Larry Landis, director of OSU Special Collections and Archives, university archivist, committee chair
  • Steve Zielke, professor, Department of Music
  • Mary Gallagher – collections director, Benton County Historical Society
  • Aiden Tariku - student, ASOSU Senator, vice-president elect
  • Bradley Boovy, Faculty Senate representative, assistant professor, School of Language, Culture and Society