Members of the Oregon State community,

As you are aware, Oregon State University is engaged in a process to evaluate the names and namesakes of four buildings on OSU’s Corvallis campus.

As interested stakeholders, we are writing to share an update on this process. This information can also be found on the university’s Building and Place Names website, which was designed to inform and engage members of the entire OSU community in this process.

We have just completed two community engagement sessions, and we thank those who were able to attend and participate in these meetings. The input gathered during these sessions will be included and considered as part of the evaluation process.

The next phase in our process involves four evaluation meetings that will address the history and context of each building and its namesake. During these meetings, we will share historical reports on the buildings and their namesakes completed by a team of scholars. These reports will be available for review on the Building and Place Names website prior to each meeting. Like the community engagement sessions, attendees will be asked to offer input into the evaluation process for each building. Community members may also offer input on the Building and Place Names website.

The dates for these meetings and the dates each historical report will be available is found below. As well, the criteria by which these buildings will be evaluated for possible renaming is found on the website. The Building and Place Name Evaluation Workgroup and the OSU Architectural Naming Committee will utilize those criteria to advance recommendations to President Ed Ray. 

Building Discussions: 5:30 to 7:30 pm in the Memorial Union Ballroom

Thank you for your interest and involvement in this process and your commitment to Oregon State University. We look forward to seeing you at the building evaluation meetings.

Steve Clark
Vice President, University Relations and Marketing

Charlene Alexander, Ph.D.
Vice President, Chief Diversity Officer