Oregon State University is committed to teaching, research, outreach, and engagement, and is actively pursuing the vision of becoming one of the top 10 land grant universities in the nation. 

In support of that vision, the Office of University Compliance (OUC) works to promote an organizational culture which supports the University's commitment to maintain the highest level of integrity and ethical standards in the conduct of it's operations.

To this end, the OUC undertakes activities designed to promote and maintain the University's culture of respect and honesty, and build ethics consciousness into the daily activities of its faculty and staff while maintaining compliance with the law.  OUC provides support the the university in six primary areas - risk assessment, policy management, training and general education, operational support, effort coordination, and monitoring.

The OUC reports to the Compliance Executive Committee, which provides oversight and guidance for our activities.

We continuously strive to enhance our programs and services to better serve our students, faculty, and staff.  We welcome your suggestions to help us in these efforts.