Bias Incident Response Process

The Office of Institutional Diversity coordinates the University's Bias Response Team which is responsible for applying the Reported Bias Incident Response Protocol. The Reported Bias Incident Response Protocol provides a process to comprehensively, collaboratively, and consistently address bias incidents that affect Oregon State University students, faculty, and staff.

Bias Response Team

The Bias Response Team is responsible for applying the Reported Bias Incident Response Protocol. Bias Response Team members include key campus stakeholders. The Bias Response Team communicates and meets regularly to respond to bias incidents as they are reported. In addition to the core Bias Response Team members, content area experts and campus partners are consulted on a regular basis to provide input and collaboratively develop and implement bias incident responses.

Report a Bias Incident

Submit a bias incident report here. After submitting a bias incident report, the Bias Response Team will evaluate the report and work collaboratively to develop an appropriate response. Responses include: providing care and support to community members negatively affected; learning more about the incident; engaging in educational conversations and interventions; providing access and referrals to campus resources; and coordinating efforts to restore individuals and groups negatively affected.

Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently asked questions about Oregon State's Bias Response process are available here.

Education and Resources

Experiencing or witnessing a bias incident can result in physical and emotional trauma. All members of the OSU community who have been impacted by a bias incident are encouraged to report it by submitting a Bias Incident Response Form. However, whether or not you choose to submit a bias incident report, many resources are available to you on campus to provide you with support. Learn more here.