Leadership Council for Equity, Inclusion, and Social Justice Presidential Charge

Oregon State University is committed to ensuring that OSU is a just, caring, safe, and inclusive community.

The Council will shape and guide a deliberate institutional strategy to provide comprehensive leadership and investments in equity, inclusion, diversity, and social justice initiatives throughout the university.

This institutional strategy will achieve and sustain a social justice framework at Oregon State that promotes fairness and equity. This framework will include:

  • Identifying structural issues and ways that the institution has been established and operated that may exclude those who have not traditionally been part of it.
  • Paying attention to how people, policies, practices, curricula, and every part of the organization can collaboratively work to create a more just community.
  • Recognizing that society is a product of historical and institutionalized social categories, including race, class, gender, gender identity, sexual orientation, ability, and others.
  • Working to actively address dynamics of bias, oppression, and privilege.

2016-2017 Charge

  • Develop and implement a process for developing an institutional value statement and institutional terminology
  • Assist in the development of institutional assessment dashboards (faculty & staff survey, student inclusivity, etc.)
    • Reporting framework: Institutional Configuration, Student Success, Inclusivity, Engagement
  • Continue to advise on development of Student Diversity Learning and Faculty and Staff Learning efforts
  • Serve as ambassadors and engagement agents in permanent CDO search and OID initiatives and programs
  • Supporting ongoing efforts to make diversity central to faculty hiring practices.
  • Identify and implement practices to collaborate with Faculty Senate and other key partners to gather information and make institutional recommendations
  • Explore potential collaborations with Faculty Senate including:
    • Faculty Handbook statement of expectation for faculty to contribute to diversity, equity and inclusion efforts
    • Recommendation for all colleges to make search advocates mandatory for all searches
    • Diversity criteria/statement added to all PDs and dossiers
  • Advise OID in the design of an institutional diversity strategic planning process for summer and fall 2018

The Council will convene subcommittees or groups and, as necessary, delegate consideration of topics to existing committees or groups.

The Leadership Council is chaired by Dr. Allison Davis-White Eyes, Director of Community Diversity Relations for the Office of Institutional Diversity, and Dr. Rebecca Warner, former Senior Vice Provost for Academic Affairs, Professor in the College of Liberal Arts and Principal Investigator of the Oregon State Advance program. Leadership Council members are listed here.