External Audits

External audits provide OSU the opportunity to demonstrate our credibility, transparency and stewardship of resources. We welcome external audits and are open to the assurance and improvement opportunities they provide. The OARC provides coordination and facilitation of external audit services to assist units and departments across OSU.

External Audit Types

OSU engages in required, annual external audits with a contracted, external audit firm and may also undergo external audits conducted by state or federal agencies. These audits cover topics such as, compliance, financial statements, operations, investigations and information technology. The external audit process follows steps similar to the Internal Audit process and more details on what to expect can be found in the “Surviving an Audit” and “External Audit Flowcharts” files on the Tools and Training page.


If you receive notice or hear of anything that looks or sounds like an audit (e.g. audit, review, etc.), please provide notice (including any formal notices) to all three contacts listed below immediately and someone will get back to you to provide coordination.

  • Julee Otter, Deputy Chief Executive of Audit and Risk – [email protected] – 541-737-3457
  • Heidi Sann, Associate Vice President for Finance and Controller– [email protected] – 541-737-7423
  • Sandy Cobb, Research Fiscal Officer – [email protected] – 541-737-9585

Recent External Audit Examples