The PCOSW Scholarship & Awards Committee is composed of PCOSW members. The committee welcomes proposals from all members of the OSU community. We ask that applicants clearly identify how the activity or project supports the PCOSW mission. Applicants should provide the purpose and importance of the proposed activity.  For research activities, also provide the methodologies of the proposed research.  All applicants should avoid the use of jargon and unexplained acronyms.  Proposals should be a maximum of 500 words, not including the budget.

PCOSW Mission

Established in 1972, PCOSW gives voice to women's experiences and perspectives by advocating for gender equality. Rooted in feminist principles, the Commission works to identify and address the changing needs of all women in our university community. PCOSW recognizes that the status of women is affected by social location (including but not limited to ability, age, class, ethnicity, gender, language, nation of origin, race, religion, sexual, and other identities). By building partnerships and collaborating with others from historically underrepresented groups, PCOSW now seeks to improve the collective status of all who have been limited, silenced, excluded, or otherwise disadvantaged by unexamined norms, beliefs, and practices of the OSU community.

The PCOSW Scholarship & Awards Committee evaluates each proposal using the following criteria:

Connection to the PCOSW Mission and Scholarly Merit:

  • Does the applicant describe how the proposed project or activity aligns with PCOSW's mission?
  • Does the applicant explain why this project or activity is important to her/him now and in the future?
  • Who is the audience for the proposed work, and why will they value it? Does the proposal have the potential to significantly and positively affect individuals, a community, or communities?
  • Is there a probability of publication or public dissemination?

PLEASE NOTE: while PCOSW strongly supports the professional development of women in underrepresented fields, successful scholarship applications demonstrate a direct connection between the proposed activity and PCOSW's mission beyond the professional development of the scholarship applicant

Merit of the Proposal:

  • Does the proposal provide a clear statement of overall project objectives?
  • Are the proposed methodologies appropriate and effective?
  • Is the text of the proposal well-written?
  • Does the proposal provide clear and specific budget information in the form of an itemized list of expenses
  • Are the proposed timeline and budget feasible?
  • Are there contributions from other sources?