Community Resources

The Center Against Rape and Domestic Violence (CARDV)

The Center Against Rape and Domestic Violence is a private non-profit community service organization serving Linn and Benton Counties in Oregon's Willamette Valley. CARDV is dedicated to helping survivors of sexual and domestic violence and their children stay safe. Our services are free and confidential. 
Hotline: 541-754-0110 or 800-927-0197 
Office: 541-758-0219

Community Outreach, Inc.

Founded in 1971, this multi-faceted human service organization provides hope for the homeless and chronically underserved people in the mid-Willamette Valley. COI delivers appropriate services to help people help themselves and others lead healthy, productive lives. 

Corvallis Transgender Support Group

The Corvallis Transgender Support Group is for transgender and questioning people and their families. The group serves to provide a safe space and share information regarding transitioning, coming out, therapists, physicians, and other aspects of our journey. 

MidWillamette Trans Support Network

Mid-Willamette Trans Support Network was founded in 2016, by and for gender diverse people, to provide for the needs and security of transgender, nonbinary, intersex, gender diverse and gender-nonconforming members of our community. We accomplish this through collaboratively-sourced resource donations, emergency grants, and social support networks.