Awards Granted by Students

Exemplary PBK Member Award

This award is intended for an OSU Phi Beta Kappa faculty member that advocates for the importance of liberal arts and sciences education and exemplifies PBK's mission to encourage lifelong learning.

2017 PBK Student Chapter Awards

2017 Exemplary Phi Beta Kappa Member: Dr. Tara Williams, pictured left

Instructor Award

This award is intended for an exemplary faculty member who excels in creating an environment conducive to quality learning. They go above and beyond to include students and enhance the university experience. They accommodate a variety of learning styles and contribute to the liberal arts & sciences.


Daniel Myles Photo

2017 Best University Instructor: Dr. Daniel Myles, pictured left

Mentor/Adviser Award

This award will is intended for adviser devoted to assisting students in finding an educational path most suited to their unique talents and interests.

2017 PBK Student Chapter Awards

2017 Best Mentor/Adviser: Dr. Kevin Ahern, Nicholas Fleury (co-winners)