The goal of Oregon State University’s marketing and communications is to create meaningful engagement with our internal and external audiences. As such, the university is committed to creating materials guided by the university’s values of diversity, equity, inclusion and social justice. In order to be informed by a broad set of perspectives, interests and ideas, University Relations and Marketing seeks to create a Marketing Advisory Board to provide guidance and evaluation of marketing and communications materials.


The role of the advisory board is to develop a framework for culturally competent marketing and communications, conduct a comprehensive review of materials produced by URM and provide ongoing recommendations for future work by URM and university communicators. While the advisory board will not provide oversight or supervision of marketing and communications functions, it will aid URM in determining:

  • How do the university’s values guide marketing and communications work?
  • Do marketing and communications materials produced represent the broad and diverse audiences the university seeks to reach?
  • Which target audiences should the university be targeting?
  • How does the university communicate with diverse audiences and BIPOC communities?

Board Members

  • The Marketing Advisory Board should consist of 8-10 members representing a cross section of university departments and the audiences marketing materials seek to serve. The board will be chaired by the assistant vice president for URM.
  • Advisory Board members can include students, alumni, faculty and staff.
  • Board members do not need to have formal marketing/communications experience or training, only a desire to help the university advance its diversity, equity and inclusion efforts in this area.
  • Nominees for the board who are not selected may be asked to participate on work groups throughout the process and ongoing marketing/communications activities or research.
  • Board members will be compensated $500 annually for time and commitment.


  • Advisory board members are asked to meet regularly for at least two years from the date of selection.
  • The advisory board will meet approximately twice per month to develop the framework and conduct the initial review. The board will meet once per quarter ongoing.
    • The initial review will be of university-level materials created by URM, including work done on behalf of the Office of Admissions. As the project progresses, the advisory board will be asked to review marketing strategies and materials from colleges and units across the university already completed or in progress.

Call for nominations

  • Nominations open July 9 - July 23