Moving Forward Together: Faculty and Staff

Below are actions that Oregon State University is taking or will take.

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Action 1: Work with the university’s Employee Assistance Program to improve how OSU serves the mental health needs of Black and Indigenous faculty and staff, and the mental health needs of all faculty and staff of color by making these resources easily available and accessible.

Leader: Cathy Hasenpflug

Action 2: Incorporate recruitment, development and retention practices recommended by the President and Provost’s Leadership Council on Equity, Inclusion and Social Justice into Oregon State’s Talent Management Plan, which articulates the university’s hiring and retention strategy. Recommended practices include cluster hiring, expanded mentoring, comprehensive employee training and development.

Leader: Cathy Hasenpflug

Action 3: Implement a comprehensive talent management system as one of the 20 actions identified in the university’s strategic plan, which is available to the broader university community for review. Implementation of the talent management system will include regular and ongoing opportunities for feedback to improve efforts.

Leader: Cathy Hasenpflug

Action 4: Provide an annual report on the university’s progress in improving the recruitment and retention of Black and Indigenous employees, and other employees of color.

Leaders: Susan Capalbo, Cathy Hasenpflug

Action 5: As part of the development of the university’s Affirmative Action Plan, analyze employee applicant data to determine junctures where qualified Black and Indigenous applicants, and other applicants of color, leave the hiring process. OSU will work to ensure interventions to address persistent trends uncovered in these analyses and incorporate changes in the Talent Management Plan and OSU’s Affirmative Action Plan.

Leader: Cathy Hasenpflug

Action 6: Expand faculty and staff training and professional development opportunities focused on anti-racism and ensure that the opportunities are embedded in comprehensive training, professional development, and faculty and staff onboarding that currently is in development. The university will work to ensure that the strategies and programs are responsive to Black employees, Indigenous employees, and other employees of color.

Leaders: Charlene Alexander, Susan Capalbo, Cathy Hasenpflug

Action 7: Embed in the Academic Leadership Academy, which is offered through the Office of Faculty Affairs, the Leading Change for Diversity, Equity and Inclusion program designed by the Office of Institutional Diversity to prepare academic unit leaders to effectively lead organizational change toward achievement of diversity, equity and inclusion goals. 

Leaders: Charlene Alexander, Susan Capalbo

Action 8: Continue to comply with state and federal law in addressing concerns of inequitable pay based on race, gender or other protected characteristics, and continue to provide guidance via the Office of Human Resources to employees seeking to navigate pay equity laws and regulations.

Leader: Cathy Hasenpflug

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