Moving Forward Together: Immigration, International Students, DREAMERS

Below are actions that Oregon State University is taking or will take.

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Action 21: Continue to collaborate with the OSU Foundation on fundraising for the Dreaming Beyond Borders Resource Center. Since its inception, the center and its programming have been funded from philanthropy raised by the Division of Student Affairs. In early 2020, the division collaborated with the OSU Foundation to establish a dedicated fundraising account and strategy to support center programs.

Leader: Dan Larson

Action 22: Examine and revise OSU’s financial aid and scholarship policies that may unintentionally exclude students with DACA, undocumented students or students from mixed-status families.

Leader: Jon Boeckenstedt

Action 23: Incorporate UndocuAlly training into employee and leadership development programming and training.

Leaders: Susan Capalbo, Cathy Hasenpflug

Action 24: Embed information from the UndocuAlly training into the Creating an Inclusive Community online course.

Leader: Charlene Alexander

Action 25: Make UndocuAlly training opportunities available to OSU Foundation staff members who assist with fundraising for the Dreaming Beyond Borders Resource Center.

Leaders: Susan Capalbo, Cathy Hasenpflug

Action 26: Continue to monitor federal policy affecting international students and engage OSU’s federal relations team in continuing to advocate aggressively in Washington, D.C. for the interests of international students, staff and faculty.

Status: Complete, with ongoing monitoring

Action 27: Work with appropriate partners to explore the enhancement of student legal services for immigration-related issues.

Leader: Dan Larson

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