What do we mean by “diversity” within this work or student group? Each group should set the context for their conversations by defining what aspects of diversity they are talking about-this definition may not be the same for all groups.


How would we describe our current level of success in creating a diverse student or work group (for example, a committee, a department, a college, a student organization or residence hall?)


What are the current barriers we face in creating a diverse student or work group? How might we confront and overcome these barriers?


What are some specific actions to which we might commit in order to make progress towards becoming a more diverse student or work group?


What actions should we make to increase personal growth, professional development and advancement opportunities for a more diverse population? Who will do what, by when?


For whom might our climate feel “chilly?” How would we describe the climate within our student or work group and the areas for which we have responsibility (for example, student organizations, student government, our classes, our service areas, or work site, etc.?)


How might we go about creating a warmer, more welcoming environment? To what specific actions must we commit? Who will do what, by when?


How will we hold ourselves accountable for our work and our success? How will we know if we have been successful? To whom should we report our successes or failures?