Election season requires mutual support, acceptance

Oct. 30, 2020

Dear OSU faculty and staff,

As we approach the U.S. presidential election on Tuesday, Nov. 3, I would like to remind you of the following:

  • Regardless of political views and opinions, it is important that all members of the OSU community continue to demonstrate respect for one another.
  • Oregon State University’s core values remain our foundation in how we engage in constructive discourse with others.
  • OSU encourages the productive and respectful sharing of dissenting viewpoints.
  • OSU’s policies on Freedom of Expression articulate our commitment to inclusion where everyone’s background and experience are welcomed and differences in views are discussed openly and safely.
  • All students must adhere to the OSU student code of conduct and threats of physical violence or behavior by anyone that disrupts university operations are prohibited.

On OSU’s Election 2020 website, you will find various resources and programs for students, faculty and staff.

I ask faculty to recognize that students will experience a range of emotions following the election while also juggling mid-term exam stress. A level of flexibility with regard to assignments, exams, deadlines and other course requirements may be appropriate. I also ask supervisors to consider the needs of employees who may similarly need additional support.

I appreciate everyone’s continuing support of one another during this election period, as well as this unprecedented and challenging year.

If you are registered to vote in the U.S., I encourage each of you to participate in Tuesday’s election by voting. Due to the large volume of mail-in ballots being processed, those still holding mail-in ballots are encouraged to use the official Corvallis campus voter drop box on the eastside of Gill Coliseum to ensure that your vote is counted in a timely manner. In Bend, you can drop your ballot off at an official county ballot box located at 1000 S.W. Bradbury Drive, 97702. For other official ballot drop sites throughout Oregon visit the Secretary of State’s website.

Remember, on Election Day, all official ballot drop sites will be open until 8 p.m.


F. King Alexander