OSU community’s contributions, resilience and commitment to act are remarkable

Oct. 9, 2020

OSU community members,

I greatly appreciate and recognize all that the Oregon State University community is accomplishing and addressing at this remarkable time. Without doubt, the times in which we live, teach, work and attend college are like none other.

During this time of a pandemic, economic recession, horrific wildfires, racial inequity and injustice, and months of continued budgetary uncertainty, each of you have risen to address these and other challenges with dedication, care for one another, resilience and the can-do attitude of this incredible university. Thank you.

On Thursday, Oct. 8, I completed my 100th day as your university president. Upon this occasion, I would like to share a few thoughts with you in this communication and a recorded video message.

Your commitment, intellect, community resolve and the mission of land grant institutions like Oregon State University have never been needed more than they are today – nationally or globally. Thanks to OSU’s teaching, research, outreach, student engagement and thirst for learning, as well as stakeholder and alumni support, we have the tools to address the immense challenges facing us.

We must address the pandemic with scientific research and discovery. Each of us must contribute to personal and community wellness with resolve by engaging in public health practices each and every day. We must eradicate systemic racism and advance the lives of Black, Indigenous and People of Color. We must help bridge the gaps between rural and urban communities in health, educational attainment, economic resilience and environmental sustainability. We must provide transformative Oregon State University educational opportunities for all Oregonians regardless of their zip code, family wealth or the color of their skin.

We can address these matters by working together within OSU and with partners in education, community, business, and state and local governments in Oregon and beyond.

We benefit from many advantages at OSU, including the diversity and excellent scholarship, service and research work that our faculty and staff pursue each day. Looking ahead, we will need even more interdisciplinary research, teaching, outreach and solutions. OSU’s Strategic Plan 4.0 will guide us to advance even greater preeminence in research, scholarship and innovation; provide a transformative and accessible education for all learners; contribute significant and visible impact in Oregon and beyond; and advance a culture of belonging, inclusivity, collaboration and innovation.

The many challenges facing our state and nation heighten OSU’s role and our students’ opportunity. As the land grant and people’s university of the State of Oregon, we are well-positioned to redefine what a 21st century land grant university means to society today and in the decades to come.

Know that you can count on me as part of this special team of people to work collaboratively with you; listen and learn; find ways together to address the many issues we face; and help advance the success of our students, faculty and staff, and Oregon State University.



F. King Alexander