Oregon State University community members,

There is no place in America for the hatefulness and violence by white nationalists in the past few days on the University of Virginia campus and in Charlottesville, Va. and we must condemn it in the strongest terms.

As a people and as a nation we must come together and each of us – regardless of our nation of origin or the color of our skin – must work to perfect this union, these United States of America. We must engage appropriately in our protected rights for freedom of expression, but never through violence or discrimination. In our actions, we must guarantee inclusivity and safety for all.

The horror visited upon Charlottesville over the past few days was the creation of those who endorse white supremacy, and the values of the KKK, Nazis and other supremacist groups. As a nation of people founded on equal rights and equal opportunity, we must condemn such ideology and recent actions while never forgetting the past and the many who suffered at the hands of those who have espoused supremacy over others. Each of us should be judged – and judge all others – by our character and capabilities, and not by the color of our skin or nationality.

From those of us at Oregon State University, our hearts, thoughts and wishes for healing go out to UVA students, faculty and staff, and the entire Charlottesville community.

As we prepare for the start of a new academic year, it is important to reassert OSU’s principles and practices regarding freedom of expression. Here is a link to those principles. As well, it is important to reaffirm our practices for reporting incidents of bias and for in times of need, calling 911; 541-322-3110 for public safety assistance at OSU-Cascades, or 541-737-7000 for assistance from OSU’s Department of Public Safety or the Oregon State Police on the Corvallis campus.

As community members, please join me in doing everything in our power to ensure that Oregon State University is an inclusive, safe community that supports equal opportunity and social justice for all, and that commits to learn, explore, communicate and engage with respect. I commit to work with each of you to ensure this.


Ed Ray