Executive Director for the Office of Equal Opportunity and Access

Kim D. Kirkland is the executive director for the Office of Equal Opportunity and Access. She is responsible the university’s anti-harassment, anti-discrimination, Title IX, ADA, EEO/AA compliance. Prior to coming to OSU, Dr. Kirkland served as a compliance practitioner, including as director for the Office of Equal Opportunity at Indiana University-Purdue University Indianapolis, affirmative action officer and senior investigator at Bowling Green State University, equal employment opportunity and diversity program manager GE Aircraft Engines, vice president for compliance programming at the Meridian Group, and as an affirmative action plan consultant in both manufacturing and service industries. Dr. Kirkland’s experience includes monitoring compliance with federal and state equal opportunity and nondiscrimination laws and regulations, as well as investigating and resolving discrimination, harassment, Title IX, bullying complaints to determine if compliance or policy violations exist, to circumvent potential litigation, and propose corrective action(s) and/or interventions. In addition, she spearheaded business-wide diversity initiatives aimed at increasing the representation of women and minorities in leadership roles through recruitment, promotion and retention programs and embedding accountability into performance goals.

Dr. Kirkland’s philosophy is that in order for organizations to build a foundation for success, they must provide the framework for fairness through the development and implementation of sound human resources policies and practices in collaboration with an effective Affirmative Action Program. An effective Affirmative Action Program would provide for proactive planning; the development of positive outreach programs with regard to women, minorities, veterans, and individuals with a disability; on-going monitoring of selection and placement decisions as they related to affirmative action goals; and accountability to ensure non-discrimination with regard to those policies and practices. With a strong foundation, valuing and managing cultural differences through inclusive initiatives and leadership commitment will result in productivity gains, highly productive work/support teams, and lower attrition rates. 

Dr. Kirkland is a recently published Author of an organizational book titled “Enough with the Stuff (Something That U Find Frustrating): Strategies for Diffusing Organizational Noise”.  Dr. Kirkland is a member of the Indiana Industry Liaison Group, American Association for Blacks in Higher Education, Indiana Association for Blacks in Higher Education, American Association for Access, Equity and Diversity and the Society for Human Resource Management.

Dr. Kirkland received her bachelor’s degree in marketing from the University of Cincinnati, a master’s degree in human resource development with a focus on organizational development from Xavier University, Cincinnati, OH and a doctorate of education in leadership studies from Bowling Green State University, Bowling Green, OH. In addition, Dr. Kirkland is a graduate from the Institute for Management and Leadership in Education at the Harvard Graduate School of Education.