OSU Lincoln County Extension Service, SNAP-Ed Nutrition Education Program Assistant

Beatriz Botello-Salgado is the SNAP-Ed Education program assistant in the Lincoln County office of the OSU Extension Service. She has served as staff at the university for over 17 years and was recently awarded in 2018 the first-ever OSU Extension Director’s Coin for Excellence at the Outreach and Engagement Quarterly Conversation. The Director’s Coin for Excellence is presented to Extension personnel, partners, collaborators, community members, and others who have displayed excellence in support of the Outreach and Engagement and Extension missions or have distinguished themselves in an exemplary manner. Ms. Botello was recognized for her innovative suggestion that OSU provide a means to visibly communicate employees are multilingual. As a result of her suggestion, the university developed pins inscribed in languages found throughout Oregon, which allow community members who do not speak English as a first language to feel more comfortable when approaching our Extension professionals, making outreach efforts more effective and better able to serve all Oregonians. Ms. Botello is also a recently appointed member of the Newport City Council.