Provost Edward Feser has charged the university's academic and administrative leaders to advance the goals outlined in Strategic Plan 4.0.

The Provost's Senior Leadership Team (PSLT) and Provosts Council of Deans (PCOD) are committed to excellence in service to Oregon State Univesity. Building community involves creating relationship networks that are life-giving, life affirming and life-sustaining. As we work to build a strong sense of community and create a positive campus climate at Oregon State University, we must be conscious of the attitudes, values and behaviors we bring to our relationships with each other.

The following ethos statement provides the basis for critical self-reflection and a foundation for building and maintaining a community in which all members are committed to the growth, development and well-being of every other member. To achieve the community to which we aspire, each individual will commit to:

  • Accept responsibility for the well-being, equitable treatment, and success of each person;
  • Act ethically;
  • Continually strive to acquire the knowledge, skills and self-awareness needed to be responsible members and leaders of our community;
  • Establish relationships of trust and honesty where the integrity of each person is respected;
  • Honor the worth of everyone, including their rights to self-determination, privacy and confidentiality;
  • Respect each person’s identity and strive to eliminate the effects of socialized biases;
  • Treat each other with courtesy, openness, understanding and forgiveness;
  • Use our recognition of power and privilege to actively address issues of equity and inclusion;
  • Value personal integrity and self-improvement as a pathway to recognizing the worth of each person.
  • We commit to making this a living statement and working to create the community to which we aspire.