We welcome your comments, ideas, and suggestions. Please email us at osu.provost@oregonstate.edu or call 541-737-2111 for assistance.

Mailing Address: Office of the Provost, 624 Kerr Admin Bldg, Corvallis OR 97331.

Requests for Signature or Speaking Engagements

Please coordinate in advance with the Provost's Office to ensure that your materials can be signed in a timely manner.

Please contact Romeo Lopez-Gonzalez (phone 541-737-4133) to request the Provos's signature (electronic or orignial) on a document of any kind. Printed documents can be delivered (6th Floor, Kerr Administration Building) or sent (via campus mail to 624 KAd), and electronic files can be emailed to Romeo.

  • Request for the Provost's signature on an electronic document or for the Provost's orignial signature.
  • Routine request for the Provost's original signature
  • First-time request for the Provost's original signature
  • Request for the Provost's signature on a nomination or letter of support


To invite Provost Feser to attend a University-sponsored activity or donor/prospect event, please complete the online form.

Event Request Form

You will need all of these details to complete the request form:

  • date, time and location of the event
  • program or agenda
  • description of the audience and their relationship with/to OSU
  • estimated number of attendees
  • length of Provost's time commitment
  • reason for the Provost's participation
  • the name and contact information (e-mail and mobile phone) of the person who will meet and assist the provost at the event

If the invitation includes a request for Provost Feser to deliver remarks at the event -- please include the proposed topic, length of time for the remarks, and when in the program they will be delivered. Please note whether someone will be introducing him and whether he will be introducing anyone. Typically, remarks are drafted by the hosting organization and sent at least two weeks before the event. It is helpful to include the names of anyone you would like Provost Feser to mention or thank in his remarks, along with talking points.

photo of Gigi BrucdeGigi Bruce

As chief assistant to the Provost, Gigi Bruce supports the provost on major strategic and administrative initiatives, works with senior university administrators and other colleagues across the University to make effective use of the provost's time, manages senior leadership searches, and oversees engagement and communications. She is the administrative and business manager of the Office of the Provost and the Secretary to the INTO OSU Joint Venture Board. Gigi has a nearly 30-year career in higher education, serving three provosts and a president, and over fifteen years as a Faculty Senator.

Contact: Gigi.Bruce@oregonstate.edu or phone: 541-737-8414


photo of Romeo Lopez GonzalezRomeo Lopez-Gonzalez

Romeo Lopez Gonzalez serves as the executive secretary to the Provost. He manages the provost’s schedule, prepares the provost’s daily agenda and itinerary, and arranges the provost’s travel. Romeo earned an Ed.M. in College Student Services Administration, a BS in Ethnic Studies, and a BS in Human Development Family Sciences from Oregon State University.

Contact: Romeo.Lopez-Gonzalez@oregonstate.edu or phone: 541-737-2111