How much will Gateway cost the student?

In the original proposal for Gateway, $10,000 was the fixed price for the first 90 credits. At this point, the exact price has not been determined and depends on further development of the pathway and teaching and learning models.


Will Gateway be vetted with Faculty Senate?

As with all academic programs and curricula, appropriate Senate engagement and approval processes will be followed. Much of the focus by administrators and faculty at present is on answering the question of whether an academically rigorous pathway can be created that meets the fixed price goal and is also financially sound for the university.


Wouldn’t Gateway compete with community colleges?

The target audience for Gateway is prospective students who are not currently being served by the community college or university options available to them. In addition, there is opportunity to collaborate with community colleges to find a solution that is mutually beneficial for students hoping to make the transfer to OSU.


Is Gateway the same as Ecampus?

No. The intent is to create something that is complementary to other OSU offerings, including Ecampus, and thus to further extend access to OSU to a larger number of learners with diverse, unmet needs. Therefore, Gateway would be marketed separately from Ecampus. In its delivery, it may utilize some structures currently in place for Ecampus. The original proposal envisioned adaptive learning courses. Whether that approach is feasible is still being considered.


How will earnings net of costs be distributed?

This will be determined jointly with development of the pathway model.