Information on OSU COVID-19 Vaccination Requirements

To: OSU Employees

From: Dan Larson, Vice Provost for Student Affairs, OSU Coronavirus Response Coordinator

April 26, 2021

Dear OSU Employees,

As availability of vaccine appointments continues to expand across Oregon, I would like to provide information on OSU’s process for ongoing evaluation of whether to require proof of COVID-19 vaccination for students and employees as we move toward planned resumption of on-campus activities.

Since my last communication on the appropriateness of OSU requiring proof of COVID-19 vaccination, I have received several questions about how the university will continue to evaluate whether it will implement such a requirement. 

OSU has a community expectation that each of us will take every precaution to increase the level of protection from COVID-19 among our faculty, staff, students and the communities in which we live. This expectation includes being vaccinated. Currently, our primary focus is to promote knowledge, trust and adoption of vaccines, through education and supporting distribution efforts across the state of Oregon.

We do anticipate that OSU may implement a vaccination requirement for OSU community members, inclusive of employees and students in the future, informed by the following factors:

  1. One or more COVID-19 vaccines receive full U.S. Food and Drug Administration licensure approval.
  2. Widespread availability of at least one vaccine continuing and that OSU has confidence students and employees have ready access to a vaccine.
  3. The Oregon Health Authority (OHA) and/or Oregon’s Governor recommends or mandates that adults be vaccinated for COVID-19 as a measure to help Oregon achieve population protection.

Other factors may emerge as important considerations as the public health situation changes. As an institution of higher education, OSU believes its primary role is to promote and protect public health through education of the benefits of vaccines and supporting expanded access to vaccines across Oregon.

We recognize that some colleges and universities have decided to require vaccinations. As the above factors continue to develop, OSU will engage with represented university employee groups and student leaders in evaluating the merits and shared objectives that implementing a requirement of proof of vaccination would achieve. As always, we will continue to provide you updates and information to plan accordingly. Any vaccination requirement would include legally required exemptions.

Again, regardless of whether OSU implements a vaccination requirement, we hold an expectation that each of us will take every precaution to increase the level of community protection from COVID-19, which includes each of us obtaining the vaccine as soon as possible. 


Dan Larson
Vice Provost for Student Affairs
OSU Coronavirus Response Coordinator