27 February 2019

Invitation to Serve: Elliott State Research Forest Dean’s Advisory Committee

Mike Green, Vice President, Finance and Administration
Roy Haggerty, Dean, College of Science
Roberta Marinelli, Dean, College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences
Terry Meehan, Senior Associate General Counsel
Philip Mote, Vice Provost and Dean, Graduate School
Irem Tumer, Interim Vice President, Research


I write to invite you to serve as a member of the Elliott State Research Forest Dean’s Advisory Committee (Dean’s Advisory Committee). This group is appointed by the Provost and advisory to the Dean of the College of Forestry.

The University and the College of Forestry envision that an Elliott State Research Forest would become a source of critical knowledge to inform the conservation and management of forests as we face a changing climate. Such a forest should serve as an incubator for developing new knowledge and demonstrating its applicability in addressing the ecological, economic, cultural, and managerial questions we face, now and into the future.

With thoughtful engagement, the College of Forestry and the University will aim to create a research program with the broadest of intentions, from basic discovery within our forest systems, to informing management decisions, serving as a resource to preserve traditional ecological knowledge.

Recently, Oregon State University and the Oregon Department of State Lands signed an MOU that empowers the College of Forestry to explore the feasibility of creating the Elliott State Research Forest. With this, Interim Dean Anthony Davis will launch a process that will continue to build on the broad engagement that has occurred to date. Toward that end, he is in the process of appointing an Elliott State Research Forest Exploratory Committee (Exploratory Committee).

The Exploratory Committee will maximize participation and dialogue around the feasibility and opportunity for establishing an Elliott State Research Forest using information from internal (to the College of Forestry) and external experts, partners, stakeholders, public consultations, and other sources. The Exploratory Committee will 1) identify what a world-class research program at the forest would include, recognizing the existing parameters around the objectives of the Land Board in the decoupling process, and 2) develop the vision and goals that would position the Elliott State Research Forest to serve as a world-leading source of scientific knowledge and discovery in advancing forest management and conservation.

The Dean’s Advisory Committee will not duplicate the work of the Exploratory Committee, although it will benefit from it. The Dean’s Advisory Committee will provide direct support and counsel to Interim Dean Anthony Davis as he leads this effort on behalf of the University. While the College of Forestry would serve as the chief steward of an Elliott State Research Forest, there is considerable opportunity in leveraging the capabilities and strengths of research faculty and graduate students across OSU colleges.

I will engage with Anthony and members of the Dean’s Advisory Committee as needed, and will plan to attend your first meeting.

Contact Gigi Bruce to accept or decline this invitation no later than March 4.

Thank you for your consideration.


Edward Feser
Provost and Executive Vice President