The OSU Gateway Initiative is an effort to develop, pilot and implement a fixed-price, carefully defined 90 credit pathway for students who wish to pursue a 4-year OSU undergraduate degree.

It is intended for students who may prefer OSU online programs over community college attendance or have other work-life considerations. Students would complete the first 90 credits of their degree in the Gateway program and then transition into an on-campus program, an Ecampus program, or a hybrid option, depending on their preferences and cost considerations.

Among the key features of the initial concept are the utilization of a learning system that would reduce the cost of learning materials, access to success coaching from pre-enrollment through completion of the 90 credits, cost certainty, and carefully specified and explained degree pathways that detail the courses that will articulate to degree programs. The latter would ensure that students encounter no surprises halfway through the program or lose time pursuing their degree, significantly reducing the financial risk of college attendance.

The Gateway concept emerged from a systematic institutional innovation effort begun in 2016-17 that engaged stakeholders across the campus to surface and evaluate a series of ideas for their academic merit and capacity to generate net revenue for the University. Gateway, which has significant potential to advance the university’s access and affordability goals, was the first such idea to gain approval by the President and Provost for further development with appropriate stakeholder engagement and shared governance.