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Guided by Phase II of the Strategic Plan (2009-2013), Oregon State University has grown in all areas, from numbers and diversity of students and faculty — including high-achieving students — to fundraising, research and discovery dollars, partnerships and physical infrastructure. Incredible progress has been achieved with Phase II’s goal to substantially increase revenues from private fundraising, corporate partnerships, research grants and technology transfers. The Campaign for OSU exceeded its $1 billion goal nearly a year ahead of schedule, fueling Oregon State’s rise as a comprehensive land grant university for the 21st century. Research grants and expenditures have continued to increase dramatically during the last decade, clearly establishing our reputation as the premier research university for the state of Oregon. The university’s faculty has climbed the excellence ladder, outpacing peer institutions for prestigious grants and partnerships and deepening commitments to engaged learning and public service.

Our commitment to Phase II’s goal to provide outstanding academic programs that further strengthen preeminence in the three signature areas of distinction is demonstrated through investments in foundational disciplines, collaborative research initiatives and cluster hires of more than 180 world-class faculty in the past two years, along with the retention of excellent faculty and staff. Oregon State is well-positioned to strengthen its leadership in these signature areas, attract outstanding new faculty, increase the number of high-achieving Oregonians that select Oregon State as their first-choice university and offer an integrated and transformative research and teaching environment.

Our graduates are the most significant contribution we make to the future. Going forward, the university will be sharply focused on increased student success through graduation for all groups of students.

Oregon State’s future will be guided by the state’s 40-40- 20 educational achievement goals — an ambitious plan that calls for 40 percent of adult Oregonians to hold a bachelor’s or advanced degree, 40 percent to have an associate’s degree or a meaningful postsecondary certificate, and all adult Oregonians to hold a high school diploma or equivalent by the year 2025. Additionally, our future will be guided by our decision to pursue a new governance model with an independent board of trustees and the changing landscape at the federal and state levels that will impact funding in many areas.

Oregon State’s accomplishments will be promoted through a comprehensive branding and communication strategy that informs and inspires the public’s engagement in our mission; helps promote industry, public, education and nonprofit partnerships with the university; assists in the recruitment and retention of high-achieving and diverse students, faculty and staff; and portrays Oregon State as a leading 21st-century university.

Oregon State’s commitment to move to the front ranks of international and comprehensive land grant universities in the United States remains a top priority. We intend to continue the pursuit of excellence in every dimension in which we operate. The more exceptional we are at all that we do, the more powerful and positive an impact we will have on the lives of our students and people throughout the world.

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A community of giving

More than 102,000 donors have helped to transform the university by contributing more than $1.02 billion to The Campaign for OSU. This philanthropic effort will conclude at the end of 2014 and has helped to build, renovate or acquire more than two dozen facilities, raised more than $170 million in merit and need based scholarships and established more than 75 endowed faculty positions.


*through 4-30-14