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Enhancing diversity, stewarding our resources and recognizing technology as a strategic asset
are all essential to the success of this strategic plan.

These initiatives are integral to each of the plan’s three goals and their respective strategies.


Enhancing Diversity

Enhancing the diversity of the Oregon State community is essential to attaining excellence in our educational, research and outreach endeavors and to preparing our students to succeed in a globally connected world.

We will:

  • Increase the diversity of faculty, staff and students through new hires and enhanced retention efforts.
  • Develop more comprehensive work-life balance initiatives for all employees.
  • Pursue inclusive excellence — equity in student success and quality learning.

Stewardship of Resources

We must ensure that all budget and finance, physical infrastructure and private philanthropy resources entrusted to the university are used effectively, efficiently, transparently and in a socially responsible manner. We will leverage The Campaign for OSU successes to advance the university’s excellence in signature areas and in service to our students.

We will:

  • Continue the momentum created by The Campaign for OSU to enhance resources raised through private philanthropy.
  • Develop an integrated infrastructure recapitalization plan that includes deferred maintenance needs.
  • Promote sustainable stewardship of Oregon State’s campuses, including built and natural environments.
  • Work with city and regional partners to appropriately balance economic and environmental improvements.

Technology as a Strategic Asset

Technology and information occupy a critical role in a 21st century university and are an essential part of developing greater efficiencies in institutional and administrative functions. Greater accountability, enhanced expectations of a current generation and growth in the development, management and delivery of digital resources point to the expanding role that big data, analytics and information technologies provide as a strategic and enabling asset.

We will:

  • Ensure that relevant information is widely shared and strategically used to make effective decisions and measure progress toward achieving university goals.
  • Invest in information technology to enable educational innovation while enhancing a collaborative and engaged learning environment.
  • Implement highly efficient administrative processes to enhance the quality of service and improve productivity.