22 May 2018

UPDATED Charge: OSU Student Recruitment Council

Noah Buckley, Interim Associate Provost for Enrollment Management, Chair
Rebecca Badger, Extended Campus
Randy Bell, College of Education
Colleen Conniff, Scholarships Office
Gildha Cumming, Honors College
Vicki Ebbeck, College of Public Health and Human Sciences
John Edwards, College of Liberal Arts
Henri Jansen, College of Science
Brett Jeter, College of Engineering
Bridget Jones, College of Business
Eric Kirby, College of Earth, Ocean and Atmospheric Sciences
Reagan Le, Diversity and Cultural Engagement/Student Affairs
Melody Oldfield, University Relations and Marketing
Brittany Preston, OSU-Cascades

Student recruitment is evolving at Oregon State University. With changes in leadership, philosophy and a university revenue distribution model based on enrollments and student outcomes at the college level, many colleges and units across campus are investing in recruiting staff, marketing and associated programming.

Centrally, traditional players in student recruitment, including the Office of Admissions, the Graduate School, International Admissions, University Housing and Dining, the Honors College and others continue to refine their strategies to meet enrollment goals.

As the student recruitment enterprise evolves, it is important that we coordinate efforts across the university, particularly with respect to:

  • Ensuring strategies at college and university level are aligned to achieve university enrollment goals, while encouraging innovative and targeted approaches;
  • Using resources efficiently;
  • Adhering to professional guidelines;
  • Sharing best practices, policy changes/impacts, and provide training and learning from one another;
  • Identifying needed university-wide resources and support to achieve enrollment goals;
  • Coordinating university-wide participation in key programming and efforts;
  • Ensuring a central response to external partners where appropriate;
  • Ensuring well-orchestrated approaches to new markets;
  • Establishing “lanes” within which various recruiting professionals should operate as a way to ensure coordination, efficiencies and results.

The OSU Recruitment Council, led by the Office of Enrollment Management, is charged with achieving these goals. Representatives are responsible for reporting back to their unit’s leadership and working with recruiting staff in their unit related to the work of the council. The council, as one of its first tasks, will establish a communications protocol to ensure that university decisions in enrollment management, and knowledge shared by the council, are communicated to the wide variety of stakeholders on campus. Sub-committees may eventually be formed around target markets and special initiatives (diversity, high achiever recruitment, technology, graduate, data access, etc.) after the council has begun its work.

This group will provide updates periodically to the Provost and newly formed Strategic Enrollment Management Steering Committee. The chair of the council, Noah Buckley, will be in touch soon to schedule the first meeting.

Thank you very much for your service and leadership on this very important group.

Edward Feser
Provost and Executive Vice President