To: President’s Cabinet, Provost’s Council of Deans, and Provost’s Executive Committee

From: Edward Feser, Provost and Executive Vice President

November 7, 2017

I am pleased to announce that Scott Ashford, Dean of the College of Engineering, and Mitzi Montoya, Dean of the College of Business, have agreed to serve as co-administrators for OSU’s strategic initiatives in Portland, providing strategic leadership to ensure that the University achieves its goals in the region. President Ray and I sincerely appreciate their willingness to lead in this capacity as we recognize that this is in addition to their already full portfolios.

In their role as co-administrators, Scott and Mitzi will advance the interests of the University as a whole, its eleven colleges, and the Honors College. Regular communication and consultation with the other academic deans will be particularly important. A summary of their responsibilities is included below.

Scott and Mitzi will report directly to me, and will work in collaboration with—and be assisted by—an advisory council. I will charge the advisory council shortly.

I look forward to working with Scott and Mitzi – and all of you – to improve and advance the University’s goals in the Portland region.

The co-administrator portfolio will include:

Strategic Leadership

  • Provide strategic leadership needed in order to achieve the vision for OSU in the Portland region, which includes teaching, research and engagement elements
  • Collaborate with the academic deans and vice presidents/vice provosts to develop strategic and operating plans in alignment with the University’s strategic and 10-year business forecast plans

Community Relations

  • Collaborate with University academic leaders and University Relations & Marketing to project OSU’s brand value and strength in serving the Portland region

Opportunity Generation

  • Track the broader needs of the Portland region and identify new strategic unmet needs that could be fulfilled by OSU
  • Maintain forward looking view of the of the Portland region


  • Manage Portland Office operation, including a Director and other administrative staff within this hub
  • Oversee allocation of the Portland Hub facility resources
  • Manage expense budget for the Hub operations