October 6, 2020

OSU community members,

The 2020 General Election is less than a month away. Oregon’s vote-by-mail system makes it easy for those registered to vote in this state to exercise your right to vote even during these unprecedented times. In order to vote in the Nov. 3, 2020, election, you must register to vote by Tuesday, Oct. 13.

If you are eligible to vote in the U.S., but have not yet registered to vote, we encourage you to do so through ASOSU’s TurboVote. This system makes it efficient for eligible OSU students, faculty and staff to register to vote, update registration information, and receive election reminders.

If you are already registered to vote in Oregon, please take a moment to review your voter registration information through the Secretary of State’s website.

It is especially important to ensure your mailing address is updated as to where you will be in residence on Nov. 3. In Oregon, it is legal to have ballots mailed to your current mailing address even if that location is different from your residential voting address. Additionally, if you have changed your signature, or party registration, you must update your voter registration information with the Secretary of State. All voter registration information must be updated by Tuesday, Oct. 13.

If you are registered to vote in a different state and are residing in Oregon at this time, you will need to apply for an absentee ballot through your home county or state’s elections office. It is not legal for anyone, including the post office, to forward your ballot.

More information for student voters can be found here.

If you are eligible to vote, please take the time to register to vote — and once registered, please participate in the election. If you have questions or need information about voter registration, please visit the appropriate elections office website:

Benton County Elections Department:

(541) 766-6756, https://www.co.benton.or.us/elections 

Deschutes County Elections Department:

(541) 388-6547, https://www.deschutes.org/clerk/page/elections-and-voting          

Lincoln County Elections Department:

(541) 265-4131, http://www.co.lincoln.or.us/clerk/election-history 

For all other county elections offices in Oregon: http://sos.oregon.gov/elections/Pages/countyofficials.aspx


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