To: OSU faculty

From: Edward Feser, Provost and Executive Vice President

October 28, 2020

Dear OSU faculty,

As we approach the end of U.S. Daylight Saving Time on Sunday, Nov. 1, please be aware we have thousands of Oregon State University students engaging in synchronous remote learning in many different time zones, including some living in states and countries that either do not observe a change from Daylight Saving to Standard time, or that shift to Standard Time on a different schedule than the U.S.

Because we literally have OSU students attending classes at all times of day and night, please remind all your students to prepare for Oregon’s change to U.S. Standard Time. For some of your students, especially those studying overseas, this shift to U.S. Standard Time may change the times they attend classes beginning Monday.

Also, please take this opportunity to thank students who are studying remotely around the world for remaining part of the OSU community during the pandemic.

Thank you for your commitment to the success of all OSU students -- whether they are engaging in remote learning here in Oregon, across the nation or around the world.


Edward Feser
Provost and Executive Vice President