To: OSU faculty, staff and students

From: Edward Feser, Provost and Executive Vice President

November 8, 2018

Oregon State colleagues and students,

I write to share our university community’s sorrow and support for the family and friends of victims in the tragic shooting last night in southern California. We mourn the loss of those killed and injured, including several college students.

Such senseless violence has no place in society. Yet, tragically, we again find ourselves struggling to process a horrific event. We are mindful that when tragedy occurs anywhere—and certainly when it affects other university communities—it is important to come together and provide even more care and personal support of those around us.

As we all work through the sobering reality of this and other tragedies, we must remain vigilant.

Safety is a university priority and should be a daily personal responsibility. Each of us has a role: If you see or hear something troubling, please immediately report it to the OSU Department of Public Safety by calling 541-737-7000 or call 911. 

Meanwhile, DPS and the Oregon State Police are more vigilant than ever. DPS has conducted more than 10 active shooter survival and safety training updates this fall in Corvallis and at OSU-Cascades in Bend. This effort will extend to the Hatfield Marine Science Center and other OSU facilities. Future trainings may be arranged by contacting Suzy Tannenbaum, chief of public safety, at 541-737-8321 or via email.

In closing, please remember to take care of yourselves and each other. It is normal after such a tragic event to be upset. Many people within our OSU community are here to support you, including faculty, staff and your peers. Do not hesitate to seek support and be aware of those around you who may be struggling. 

If you need support, please consider visiting Counseling and Psychological Services in 500 Snell Hall on the Corvallis campus or by calling 541-737-2131. OSU-Cascades students should visit the Personal Counseling Office in 210G Tykeson Hall or call 541-322-3162. Employees needing assistance may utilize the OSU Employee Assistance Program by confidentially calling 1-800-433-2320 at any time, or by calling the Human Resources Department at 541-737-3103.

Please join me in working together to help keep Oregon State University safe.


Edward Feser
Provost and Executive Vice President