The Technology Resources Fund program at Oregon State University is designed to improve student success through improved access to technology.  Because TRF funds are part of OSU’s tuition, TRF funds must be used for projects and services that benefit students who have paid tuition.


[1] Who can submit a TRF proposal?

University faculty and staff may submit proposals through academic or administrative units. Sponsored student organizations may also apply for grants. See for the definition of a sponsored student organization. All applicants must have submitted a final report on their FY12 grants prior to applying for a FY14 grant unless they have been awarded an extension.  


[2] What is the timing for the TRF RFP process?

An RFP will be issued on January 15, 2013 for the upcoming fiscal year, 2014, July 1, 2013 to June 30, 2014 and announcements of awards are expected by early May.  


[3] What are the guidelines for submitting a TRF proposal?

Guidelines, policies and procedures are available at the following web site:


[4] If I need assistance in writing a TRF proposal, where do I go?

There are several possibilities.  An excellent option is to look at prior year awards [see #5 below]. Another option is to talk to others who have received TRF funds. A third option is to talk to the TRF Administrator to discuss very specific aspects of a proposal that is in the developmental stage.


[5] Are there examples of what was funded in prior years?

Prior year award information is available at the following site, where a short description of the funded project and amount of funding is provided.


[6] Are there limits as to the funding that can be requested – minimum dollar amounts; maximum dollar amount?

There are no given limits as to the size of the funding requested. Awards have ranged from $500 to $1.2 million.


[7] Can a multi-department proposal be submitted?

Multi-department proposals are encouraged if it is the approach that best meets student needs.


[8] Can an award be for more than one year?

Normally proposals are for one year.  Proposals are also accepted for projects that will take longer than one year to complete, when a project is best done in phases, or when the optimal project timing crosses summer quarter and the change of fiscal year.   While awards may be planned for multiple years, project review will continue to be done on an annual basis.  Projects which benefit students in the upcoming academic year are preferred.


[9] Where do I get assistance for the development of the budget section of my proposal?

Your Business Center accounting staff can help with most aspects, but the TRF accounting staff is also a resource that is available for assistance.


[10] How do I access the online application process?

The web link below will lead you into the tool and process.  If you have difficulty in accessing and/or using the process, please first read the TRF manual in the left link navigation area, and if there are still difficulties, contact Jos Accapadi, Central Web Services.


[11] Is it allowable to have a project that is partially funded from TRF and partially from other resources?

There are no restrictions as to having a project that is partially funded from other resources. There may be some accounting issues if the non-TRF funds come from grants or contracts. Your business center accounting staff should be able to address this issue.


[12] If in the implementation process we find that the proposed list of equipment is no longer appropriate for attaining our stated outcomes, can this be changed?

Technology changes rapidly so changing the equipment to be purchased is an option, as long as the proposal outcomes remain the same.  The TRF Administrator can provide assistance and guidance with this.


[13] What rules, regulations or policies apply in terms of purchasing or leasing of equipment?

University rules, regulations and polices apply, and PaCS and your business center can provide guidance with purchasing.


[14] Who owns the intellectual property that I create at OSU while using TRF funds?

Innovation of this nature in a project that is TRF funded would be unusual. However, any questions or concerns can be directed to the OSU Office of Technology Transfer.


[15] How does the Repair and Capacity Expansion Program differ from the FY14 TRF RFP?

The Repair and Capacity Expansion Program provides funds in the current fiscal year (through June 30, 2013) for the repair or expansion of facilities and services that have been previously funded by the TRF.  The FY14 TRF RFP can be used to seek funds in FY14 (starting July 1, 2013).  Through the FY14 TRF RFP, any eligible entity can apply for funds needed to repair or expand TRF-funded facilities and services.  However, those requests will compete against all of the other TRF proposals.  $300K has been currently budgeted for the Repair and Capacity Expansion Program.