The Undergraduate Student Success Initiative is led by a steering committee, which oversees a highly collaborative, evidence-based exploration of programs, interventions, services and resources necessary to improve retention and graduation of all learners at OSU.

The Steering Committee's Work

The steering committee is reviewing student success actions previously taken centrally and by colleges; identifying those most likely to yield significant impact relative to resource expenditure; defining metrics to track success of initiatives and interventions; and developing and overseeing the implementation of a comprehensive strategy that clearly articulates goals, actions, responsible parties, budgets and milestones. The USSI Steering Committee’s charge can be found here.

The Undergraduate Student Success Initiative is a university-wide effort that engages all stakeholders in any proposed action or initiative. The steering committee is engaging with central administrative units, colleges, and the OSU Foundation via information gathering and formation of special work groups. If you have an interest in being a part of this work, contact the committee co-chairs, Dan Larson and Roy Haggerty, or committee support, Jen Humphreys.

Steering Committee Members:

Roy Haggerty, Dean, College of Science, Co-Chair
Dan Larson, Interim Vice Provost for Student Affairs, Co-Chair
Jen Humphreys, Operations Associate for Student Affairs
Jon Dolan, Interim Vice Provost for Information and Technology
Carlos Jensen, Associate Dean of Undergraduate Programs, College of Engineering
Roberta Marinelli, Dean, College of Earth, Ocean, and Atmospheric Sciences
Prem Mathew, Associate Dean, College of Business
Jesse Nelson, Associate Provost for Academic Achievement 
Javier Nieto, Dean, College of Public Health and Human Sciences
Rebecca Mathern, Associate Provost and Registrar
Alex Aljets, Fellow, University Innovation Alliance
Maureen Cochran, Director, Student Affairs Assessment
Kristin Watkins, Associate Vice President of Development, OSU Foundation

With acknowledgements to: Michael Hansen and Mum Hayes